Tuesday 31 July 2012

Just mooching at home

It's lovely to go away, but also lovely to be at home. Especially when the sun is shining, as it was over the weekend.

Monday 30 July 2012

Stockholm part 2

But of course it isn't just about the city centre. Where our friend lived there was a forest with a castle just around the corner. She had the sweetest little apartment. Our days started with breakfast on the balcony.

Stockholm part 1

Stockholm; a collection of islands, a medieval old city, boats, cool shops, loads of cafes and restaurants.
We wandered round here and shopped here. Our last evening was spent firstly here and then here. What a way to end the holiday :)

Saturday 28 July 2012

Finland part 2

We mooched around Helsinki, cycled through blossom scented pine forests, saw the houses of my dreams, picked blueberries to make a pie and took a boat out to the most wonderful island. Oh, and we ate and drank. A lot. Tomorrow, Sweden.

Finland part 1

We've been on a Scandinavian adventure. I would never have believed how much I loved it.
Finland was clean, friendly, unhurried, filled with forests and sea which looks like lakes, adorable wooden cabins, and amazing food. Quite a revelation. Of course, we did happen to stay with the best chef in Finlandia!
Salmon soup, blueberry pie, liquorice icecream, ryebread, squeaky cheese with cloudberry jam and toffee sauce. Don't judge it until you have tried it! We never stopped eating the whole time we were there.
Our friends' children introduced us to this! We went here and here and here.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Stephanie Thannhauser, part 2

Stephanie Thannhauser, part 1

This weekend I visited the home of a very talented designer, Stephanie Thannhauser. Her home is so full of life and character and charm. Everywhere there is colour and pattern and something to see.

As well as selling designs to loads of well known high street names, she also handcrafts beautiful things and sells her own pictures through local craft fairs under her brand name of ric-rac. To find out where she will be next, go to her facebook page. And if all that isn't enough, she has a great blog. Phew!

Thursday 5 July 2012


Can you tell which are real and which are paper?