Wednesday 25 September 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

So much of our time this year has been spent in the garden and so much of our pleasure has derived from the produce. Dahlias and zinnias grown from seed.

Ditto sweet peas. Here are the seeds for next year.

They've been spectacular and so prolific this year. Even now, they keep coming.

This is a new little project. It's called a happy jar. When something nice happens, you write it on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar. Whenever you feel a bit down, you open the jar and look through some of the good things which have happened. Or you could start in January and then review the year in December. 

My first entry. Cutting a courgette from the garden and putting it straight into the pot. Yes, that made me happy.

A country walk resulted in a surprise haul of brambles. We added some apples from our tree to make the most delicious crumble. Growing things. Food. Basic stuff, but feels so good.

What are the simple things that make you happy?

Friday 20 September 2013

Get blogging, you!

That's what Vix said to me yesterday. Sometimes you just need a kick up the wotsit, don't you? So, here I am.

Behind the radio silence, there has been activity.

An afternoon at the emergency doctor's. Amidst the frontline germ warfare an elderly couple ate sandwiches and drank coffee from a flask. Gave a whole new meaning to health tourism. Imagine their surprise when a doctor called out their name. A small child created a lake of vomit on the floor. The doctor shouted out 'Harley Davidson' and off he went, little pukey-chops.

But also the perfect antidote. A day out with my mum and sis to an idyllic buddhist garden.
Chinese lanterns everywhere. The garden opens on certain evenings during the summer and the lanterns are all lit.
The garden has the loveliest feeling of serenity. My sis said it was perfect. I think she might be right.
The monk who owns this property bought a field and then set about creating an authentic Japanese garden himself. To this day, in his 70s he is still the main force behind things. It was he who was making tea and scones in the little cafe.
A lake with koi carp, shaped trees, bridges, bamboo, pagodas. All the traditional elements are there.
I love this topiary leylandii

I love going and visiting other gardens to get inspiration for ours. This one taught me that it's possible to make structure interesting. It's a good lesson.

Other than that, there has been socialising. The first of a series of 50th birthday parties, a day trip to an antiques fair (to follow), a weekend in Somerset to catch up with family and friends and a GNO with the girls from Uni. Next up there's a wedding in the Yorkshire dales. Busy, busy, busy!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!