Monday 15 December 2014

I went to the panto. Oh yes I did!

freckleface, freckleface, where have you been?

I've been to Manchester, to see the Queen!!
She's behind me!
Once upon a time, way back in the 1970s my Aunty Ann travelled a long, long way from a distant land (Scotland) to come and stay with us, bringing with her a passion for a handsome King called Elvis Presley along with pictures of him, his wife and his cute little daughter. 

I was rather captivated by how beautiful his wife was, what lovely long hair she had, and what great clothes she was wearing.
Two of the pictures my Aunt brought with her, cut out from magazines and yellowing newspaper articles.
I saw snippets about her down the years, and was very pleased when she joined my favourite TV series at the time, Dallas. Bobby sure got the good looking girls in that show, didn't he?

So, when I saw she was in panto in Manchester this year, playing the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I hatched a plan to go and see her.
It only took about two weeks of constant nagging begging to get Q to come with me.

Of course, when I say see her, I don’t want to be misleading. What with our seats in the gods and my need for goggles these days, she was just a tiny sparkly figure swishing across the stage giving us glimpses of beautifully shapely legs and being perfectly panto evil. But I loved it nevertheless, being there for that experience. She rose to the role and enjoyed being wicked, sending herself up and doing a really cute rendition of Trouble. I could imagine Elvis grinning at the sight of that.
Afterwards, we went off to get something to eat before getting the train back. Manchester is a very vibrant place, with lots of lovely bars and restaurants. I was rather taken by the look of this Thai restaurant with the tuk tuk outside. 
I like a place with interesting d├ęcor. These beautifully aged punched tin panels made for a great feature wall with the industrial lights set against them and I loved the wall of film posters. 
It made me want to go to Thailand. Who knows, that might be the next plan I hatch. I somehow don’t think I’d have to do so much persuading for that one.

But in the meantime, go on, tell me, who would you like to see in real life if you possibly could?

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Giving thanks

The Thanksgiving party didn't go ahead, because unfortunately the hostess was poorly.

But you know, in life, there's always Plan B. If we couldn't go out to dress up and tuck in, we could still do it at home.

I mentioned that the perfect frock had flown in for the occasion, so, having decided I was going to be wearing it on that night to tuck into a dinner of giving thanks, I pressed on regardless.
The cutest Tyrolean wall plaque and my glamorous new dress

Here it is!

A lovely bright 1980s floral maxi dress with a boned bodice, which improved my posture no end and made me feel very glamorous. It was contained within the most wonderful birthday parcel filled with gorgeous things from the very generous and thoughtful Curtise.

The fabric reminds me of Hawaiian dresses, but from the style I would say it is 1980s.
That little round plaque featuring children wearing their little dirndls and lederhosen against a mountain backdrop has already found a place in the back room just above where I sit down to eat.

I sorted out that picture wall on my birthday, but I'm not entirely convinced. It's either too much or lacking something, I can't quite figure it out yet.
Raising a glass of thanks to lovely Curtise! Thank you so much for everything, I love it all

There was also a lovely 3-tiered 70s maxi skirt in this lovely bright floral print. I've actually worn it twice already, but no photographic evidence remains!
Above left, present from Curtise, above right, cross stitch picture of a Polish folk couple
I love folk art generally, but Poland does seem to have a particularly rich folk art tradition. These clothes pegs with the fabulous graphics, which were part of the parcel, remind me of this cross-stitch picture I made a few years ago, right down to the headscarf. One day I plan to visit Poland, and when I do, I shall visit this village.

A pair of little Polish dolls in their folk costume