Monday 15 December 2014

I went to the panto. Oh yes I did!

freckleface, freckleface, where have you been?

I've been to Manchester, to see the Queen!!
She's behind me!
Once upon a time, way back in the 1970s my Aunty Ann travelled a long, long way from a distant land (Scotland) to come and stay with us, bringing with her a passion for a handsome King called Elvis Presley along with pictures of him, his wife and his cute little daughter. 

I was rather captivated by how beautiful his wife was, what lovely long hair she had, and what great clothes she was wearing.
Two of the pictures my Aunt brought with her, cut out from magazines and yellowing newspaper articles.
I saw snippets about her down the years, and was very pleased when she joined my favourite TV series at the time, Dallas. Bobby sure got the good looking girls in that show, didn't he?

So, when I saw she was in panto in Manchester this year, playing the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I hatched a plan to go and see her.
It only took about two weeks of constant nagging begging to get Q to come with me.

Of course, when I say see her, I don’t want to be misleading. What with our seats in the gods and my need for goggles these days, she was just a tiny sparkly figure swishing across the stage giving us glimpses of beautifully shapely legs and being perfectly panto evil. But I loved it nevertheless, being there for that experience. She rose to the role and enjoyed being wicked, sending herself up and doing a really cute rendition of Trouble. I could imagine Elvis grinning at the sight of that.
Afterwards, we went off to get something to eat before getting the train back. Manchester is a very vibrant place, with lots of lovely bars and restaurants. I was rather taken by the look of this Thai restaurant with the tuk tuk outside. 
I like a place with interesting d├ęcor. These beautifully aged punched tin panels made for a great feature wall with the industrial lights set against them and I loved the wall of film posters. 
It made me want to go to Thailand. Who knows, that might be the next plan I hatch. I somehow don’t think I’d have to do so much persuading for that one.

But in the meantime, go on, tell me, who would you like to see in real life if you possibly could?


Connie said...

Well I just recently learned about pantos since we don't have them around here. Wish we did. They seem like tons of fun. I would like to see the model Christie Brinkley in person because we are exactly the same age. I want to check out to see if she's had plastic surgery. She looks so good. I want to know her secrets. And now you know how shallow and vain I am. Tra la. You look quite sweet all bundled up. What are your secrets?

Vix said...

Priscilla in panto! How exciting! Even if she was only a teeny dot you were still in the same room.
Liz's granddad was the doorman at Birmingham Hippodrome so we had free tickets every Xmas. Nobody as glam as Priscilla though, Les Dawson, Cannon & Ball and the Honey Monster from the Sugar Puffs advert are some I rememeber!
You look adorable in your hat, sexy leopard coat and maxi. You should have sat in that tuk tuk though and recreated Burton! xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a cool outing! She looks amazing for her age. Glad you enjoyed your little adventure. Am sure Q secretly liked being dragged along to it!
How funny that you have kept those pictures from so long ago. I remember you listening to Elvis on a little radio or was it cassette recordings (!) you were given and got dad to play?
I missed my chance to see Tippi Hedren when she was at Southbank Centre a couple of years ago as part of a Hitchcock feature. Good for you seizing your opportunity! Xx

Curtise said...

I keep thinking I should take the kids across to Manchester, it's only an hour on the train. Not for the panto, though... I really don't like them! Although we always went as kids, usually to Oxford but once or twice to London. I saw Dorothy Tutin play Peter Pan, how bizarre is that? Who else? Cilla, Cliff Richard, Peter Noone, massive names in the late 1960s/early 70s.
Oh I did love Dallas though, which had some panto-like traits, I think. A villain to hiss and boo, and gorgeous princesses galore with big hair and shoulder pads, and Priscilla doing a turn. Very beautiful, but boy has she had a LOT of work done, her face barely moves.
Manchester has some great restaurants, I used to love Chinatown when I lived there. You look cosy and gorgeous in leopard print and a maxi, and Vix is right, a photo in the tuk tuk would have been just like Burton - and make a change from a mobility scooter...
PS. Too slow, Princess T-T; Principal Boy Fiona has already snapped up those waistcoats, I'm afraid. There is one more though, I'll take a pic and measure it, and email you. Oh no she won't; oh yes she will! Xxxx

Ivy Black said...

Priscilla in panto! Get in. I was always rather fascinated by her too...her hair and nails mostly. She is a beauty though no doubt and I'm so glad she gives good panto.
I haven't been to a panto in ages and then they were mostly filthy filled with drag queens taking all the parts.....they told me it was panto anyway! I do remember seeing Bernie Clifton in one and Max Boyce in loads when I was a kid. Linda Lusardi is in Cardiff this year. Not Priscilla though.
You should have driven off in that tuk tuk. Ooooh yes...hatch a plan. I love plans. Not evil ones though.

mondoagogo said...

I'm still kicking myself for not going to see Lauren Bacall being interviewed at Foyles some years ago -- the room they usually used for interviews wasn't huge, and I think the interview was even free! Such a ninny to miss that...

I've only been to Manchester a couple of times and not for years, but I did like it. Bet it's changed a lot this last decade, though!

Fiona said...

Funny enough we were talking about Elvis last night at work as one of my colleagues was a fan and had a stash of Elvis magazines in the 60's (I bet your aunty did too) As for Lisa-Marie, she lives not a million miles away in a Sussex village (god knows why?) and has been seen in the post office by a family friend. I love an am-dram type of panto but there has to be a dame! Get yourself off to'd love it. Sorry you missed out on the waistcoats but if they are too small for me I'll let you know. xxx

Jayne H said...

I find the people who end up doing panto very interesting - when I was in Llandudno in the summer I saw the adverts forJimmy Osmond who was plaing in the panto there this winter - Jimmy Osmond, in Llandudno, well who'd have thought it. I do love the atmosphere of panto but am usually working rather than being in the audience but still lovely. Glad you got to see Priscilla.

Kylie said...

How about...YOU!

Peaches McGinty said...

Priscilla is such a stunner! I like her, I'd have been thrilled to see a flash of her too, I get rather giddy if I see anyone remotely famous and lose basic abilities - I saw Joan Collins at the Lowry (an evening with...) I am rather fond of a gutsy woman! I've seen Nina Simone at The Philarmonic too, I'm bloody glad I did - Thailand sounds beautiful, good luck! and you and your outfit are perfect! x x x

Sue said...

Love that you were sitting in the gods! But the seats with the best view are the outrageously overpriced ones. That Tuk Tuk is way cool. I would love to own one of those to get about in, brightly coloured of course!!

mispapelicos said...

I feel so proud and honoured to have friends like you.
I can feel the warmth of you words.
Mil besos, my beautiful Tania.

his_girl_friday said...

Yay! You saw Priscilla!