Thursday 19 May 2016

Red, white and blue

I had a lovely sunshine-filled week off work last week. 
Here I am in that classic Union Jack colour combo inspired by Helga the Great. 1970s cotton midi skirt courtesy of our Curtise (Missing In Action at a local charity shop, last known sighting: Sheffield)
We fitted in a quick trip up North to attend a christening, which somehow we managed to miss. However we did make it for the buffet afterwards. Oops. 
I baked a Nigella Apricot, almond, rosewater and cardomon cake. It was a bit of an acquired taste, but by the time we'd finished scoffing the whole cake between the two of us, we'd definitely acquired it. 
I also pottered in the garden, hung out at the allotment, went out for dinner and....what else? Oh yes, I bought a car! 

I've been driving a red Nissan Micra for the last 12 years. Not the same vehicle; when one died, I went out and bought a replacement. My friends who'd teased me about me driving a Noddy car, had a good old belly laugh over that. I did too. They assumed I'd be upgrading. But I don't know anything about engines, and all the mechanics I spoke to agreed the old style Nissan Micra was a good reliable car. So, that was my logic. But really, that model is too old now to go for a hat trick, so I knew it was time for a Brave New World.
I asked my tennis chums for advice and one of them suggested a Fiat 500. Brilliant Nicole got it absolutely right. It's small, economical and I love its retro design. I found this one over the border in Derby.
I know I will feel a little bit blue when I take the little red car to the scrappers, but it turns out the future is white. I love driving round in this little car. 

Wednesday 11 May 2016

In search of bluebells

A couple of weeks ago, we set off in search of bluebell woods. Every year I have the same idea, but every year I seem to leave it a little bit too late and miss them, so this year I was ready. As soon as ours were out in the garden, we were off.

The internet is brilliant for finding out about this kind of thing. We ended up in the sweetly named Bunny Woods, which is just by a village called Bunny, over the border in Leicestershire.
Of all the habitats, my favourites are woodlands and mountains. I know most people favour the sea, but not me. I dream of a little cabin in the woods, surrounded by bluebells, foxgloves, scabious and anenomes. In the autumn I'll pick brambles, mushrooms and sweet chestnuts. There will be a little stream to cool off in.
I'd decided I was going to sell this vintage 60s or 70s dress, as part of my great clear out, but I thought I'd give it one last outing, just to make sure. Anyway, I've changed my mind, it's staying put for the time being.

It was a bit cool so to begin with I had a thermal top on underneath, but once we set off, I had a 'Stop the car!' moment. I had to go back and strip off. It's a thick crimplene, and with the extra layer, I felt like a boil in the bag chicken.
I felt a bit Little Red Riding Hood charging round the woods in this outfit, and told him so. He said three little words. 'Don't Look Now'.

That's probably more like it.
There they are!
Little purple beauties.

I'm so pleased Spring is here, even though it does mean another year is whizzing by. I'd rather age surrounded by sunshine and flowers. Although as I type this it is raining again. If I ruled the world, we'd have sunshine during the day and then rain at night, because the garden needs it and it's a nice sound to sleep to.
He's been busy up the allotment building a shed. The blossom is out. Again, that is such a fleeting moment. One minute it's on the tree and the next you have confetti all over the lawn.
I hear we have summer again tomorrow. Bring it on I say!