Thursday 19 May 2016

Red, white and blue

I had a lovely sunshine-filled week off work last week. 
Here I am in that classic Union Jack colour combo inspired by Helga the Great. 1970s cotton midi skirt courtesy of our Curtise (Missing In Action at a local charity shop, last known sighting: Sheffield)
We fitted in a quick trip up North to attend a christening, which somehow we managed to miss. However we did make it for the buffet afterwards. Oops. 
I baked a Nigella Apricot, almond, rosewater and cardomon cake. It was a bit of an acquired taste, but by the time we'd finished scoffing the whole cake between the two of us, we'd definitely acquired it. 
I also pottered in the garden, hung out at the allotment, went out for dinner and....what else? Oh yes, I bought a car! 

I've been driving a red Nissan Micra for the last 12 years. Not the same vehicle; when one died, I went out and bought a replacement. My friends who'd teased me about me driving a Noddy car, had a good old belly laugh over that. I did too. They assumed I'd be upgrading. But I don't know anything about engines, and all the mechanics I spoke to agreed the old style Nissan Micra was a good reliable car. So, that was my logic. But really, that model is too old now to go for a hat trick, so I knew it was time for a Brave New World.
I asked my tennis chums for advice and one of them suggested a Fiat 500. Brilliant Nicole got it absolutely right. It's small, economical and I love its retro design. I found this one over the border in Derby.
I know I will feel a little bit blue when I take the little red car to the scrappers, but it turns out the future is white. I love driving round in this little car. 


Lynn Holland said...

I had a good chuckle about your week off but then plummeted into despair at you having to change your car as its one of my worse nightmares.
I've had Frida the cyber green VW beetle for 13 years and can't bear the thought of her not being here. I know, mental, but I can't help it. I'm emotionally attached.
My soup lady has a fiat 500 and loves it. Hers is the yellow peril.
I've used some of my bits n pieces this week, it's on the blog.
Have a fab weekend
Love Lynn xxx

Vix said...

How cheeky do you look in your hammock? The allotment is looking wonderful.
The skirt is every shade of fabulous. I always think of Helga when I see red, white and blue combos.
Missing the Christening but turning up for the buffet, hmmm that sounds like a cunning plan.
Loving the new car, you so suit a Fiat 500. Has he/she got a name yet? xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous skirt from Curtise. You look lovely in it. Glad you had a good week off with some sunshine thrown in. Love your cute, new little broom broom! It is perfect for you. Xx

Sue said...

Both Helga and Curtise are MIA!! I miss them both. Hey, SUNSHINE, and a week off work what could be better. Hang on, a new car!! Love you in the hammock at the allotment, you look so chilled out. That cake sounds interesting and it looked pretty good from your photo. May your good weather hang around and you have many enjoyable drives in your new ride.

Ivy Black said...

You look fab and glad it was a good week off.
As long as you make the buffet things can't be bad!
Love your new motor! I always have my eye on the Fiat 500.... fancy a minty green one or a bright , blancmange pink! They are nifty and I can just see you flying about in

Miss Magpie said...

The new car is gorgeous and yes I agree with Vix turning up just in time for the buffet does indeed seem like a cunning plan.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You look so comfy in that that cakes looks absolutely delicious :)

Polyester Princess said...

What a fabulous skirt, Tania. I quite like a red, white and blue combo. I love your Fiat 500, but I feel your sadness about letting your red car go. We used to have a bright green Twingo, which my husband's kids called "the pea". We had to let her go quite suddenly after a serious breakdown (on the motorway, of all places) ... The apricot cake looks mouth-watering, by the way. xxx

Sandra Cox said...

The car is cute. Your flowers are beautiful. And I love the blue nail polish:)

Mim said...

That cake sounds delicious, so I have saved the recipe.

I always feel sad when we change our car. I feel as though I've let the old one down somehow! But your new Fiat looks like a lovely little thing.

Witchcrafted Life said...

I am head-over-heels in love with your skirt! From the length the pattern to the classic hues, it's all completely marvelous!

♥ Jessica

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...


I tried to read this post last week but it kept coming up blank so I'm pleased I've finally got to read it! Glad you've had a good week off. Sometimes that's just what's needed to charge up the batteries...

I love your outfit - it looks very summery and you do look cool lounging in that hammock! Lovely green spaces, too.

The cake looks scrumptious. I tried a Coconut with Orange and Lime Syrup cake using a Guardian weekend recipe last week - it wasn't all that - although my daughter liked it. It was a bit too dry, I thought - no butter in the recipe, you see.

The little Fiat looks spiffy - hope you get many happy years driving her. Has she got a name?



Connie said...

Such a great skirt. That Curtise really knows her stuff. And look at your little blue tootsies poking out. And plunked in a hammock in your Crocs. A belly full of yummy cake. A mega blooming garden. You have got The Life. And a spanking new car as well!!! I totally understand about the old car. I know nothing about autos. I once took an auto mechanics for beginners class to perhaps up my game. But I am such a techno dunce that I couldn't even retain the information. I'd still be driving my original 1970's era bug if it hadn't fallen apart.

freckleface said...

I've decided she's Blanche Dubois, because although she looks beautiful, underneath it turns out she has quite a few problems! Xxxx

freckleface said...

Veronica, I've decided she's Blanche Dubois as she looks like a lady, but underneath it turns out she has lots of issues! Xxx