Friday 19 July 2013

Hellfire and all the saints

It's hotter than hell here at the moment. I've given up trying to do anything. Opened all the windows, closed all the curtains and blinds and stripped naked.

I'll spare you that particular selfie...

Some great news on the home front. The Wardrobes are underway. After months of no-shows by workmen various, I poked the man with my elbow and said, 'right, you're doing them'.

They are nowhere near finished and I will have to take it all out again, but as soon as he downed tools on Sunday evening, I was in there tidying and styling. It's been three years since I've been able to hang anything up. I realise I probably top some saddo list, but I don't care. I'm delighted.

From hell to heaven.

We went and started clearing out his mum's house a couple of weeks ago. I got practically a football team worth of saints. Unaccountably nobody else wanted them. This used to be chalet corner, but, just as Henman Hill became Murray Mound, so this is now Catholic Corner.

Do you recognise any of them?

That on the left is St Theresa. She has a chipped lip, but looks of a very reasonable disposition. Christ the King on the other hand? Well, he looks a bit like the man of the house when I poked him with my elbow and told him he was doing the wardrobes.

I also got a couple of mantillas. I used to love wearing them when I was little because it made me feel like I had big hair. Do I look virtuous?

The garden is blooming its socks off. There are flowers everywhere. I'm terribly fickle. I change favourites every week. How about you? What's your favourite flower?

Friday 12 July 2013

It was a sunny day, not a cloud was in the sky

It was a day of summer dresses...

Like Vix, I had a choice of two colours when I bought this. I'd already picked this red and white one out when I spotted the exact same dress in turquoise and white. I asked the seller what the story was and he told me it was deadstock from a shop in Manchester which closed in the 1970s.

And a day for a parcel of joy which could have been put in the post box 40 years ago...courtesy of the very lovely Lady Curtise of Sheffield!

Great excitement. I picked it up from the PO sorting place then sat in the car and ripped it open! Such lovely treasures.

A Little Miss Muffet mug..
A folksy serviette...

An Arabian Nights tea towel
And a cute as anything book featuring an OBD*!!!!!
*Obligatory blogging deer.

I love everything, thank you so much Curtise.

It's just after half past nine at night and we're currently sitting outside drinking wine and listening to some tuuuunes. Every now and again I am moved to get up and do a bit of patio dancing. Does it get any better than this?

What kind of a day have you had?