Friday 20 September 2013

Get blogging, you!

That's what Vix said to me yesterday. Sometimes you just need a kick up the wotsit, don't you? So, here I am.

Behind the radio silence, there has been activity.

An afternoon at the emergency doctor's. Amidst the frontline germ warfare an elderly couple ate sandwiches and drank coffee from a flask. Gave a whole new meaning to health tourism. Imagine their surprise when a doctor called out their name. A small child created a lake of vomit on the floor. The doctor shouted out 'Harley Davidson' and off he went, little pukey-chops.

But also the perfect antidote. A day out with my mum and sis to an idyllic buddhist garden.
Chinese lanterns everywhere. The garden opens on certain evenings during the summer and the lanterns are all lit.
The garden has the loveliest feeling of serenity. My sis said it was perfect. I think she might be right.
The monk who owns this property bought a field and then set about creating an authentic Japanese garden himself. To this day, in his 70s he is still the main force behind things. It was he who was making tea and scones in the little cafe.
A lake with koi carp, shaped trees, bridges, bamboo, pagodas. All the traditional elements are there.
I love this topiary leylandii

I love going and visiting other gardens to get inspiration for ours. This one taught me that it's possible to make structure interesting. It's a good lesson.

Other than that, there has been socialising. The first of a series of 50th birthday parties, a day trip to an antiques fair (to follow), a weekend in Somerset to catch up with family and friends and a GNO with the girls from Uni. Next up there's a wedding in the Yorkshire dales. Busy, busy, busy!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

So glad to see a post from you. We've missed you! And wow that garden is absolutely amazing.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The Phoenix and I are dead-set pissing ourselves laughing at the Kitty and Bertie in waiting room tale ... bloody hell you're a fecking tease, what the hell are we missing?!! Get yourself busy darlin', there are sick and twisted minds just waiting with bated breath for the next instalment of the farce :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Krista said...

Hi darling Tania! Vix is like the great motivator ain't she:). Aside from the emergency room visit, which I'm glad is over all sounds good. This garden looks so peaceful and how wonderful it's open to the public.

Ivy Black said...

It's yerself! Oh there's nothing like a kid with an entertaining name is there? My favourite was 'Sigourney' screamed at the top of a Welsh mothers voice in the middle of Kwik Save. Class.
Have a fab weekend and your round of
socialising. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos of the garden Tan : brings it all back.
Am glad Vix motivated you back into action xx

Hannapat said...

It just looks perfect Vix, my kinda place. Thank you for sharing this with us, I have so enjoyed looking at these pictures. Thank you also for your sweet comments and yes, please blog it is always lovely to read your posts! Happy weekend xoxo

Kylie said...

Hello Tania, I have been thinking about you nice to see F.F. pop up in my blog roll thingy. I love Chinese lanterns. One of my favourtite books when I was little was called Tubby and the Chinese Lantern (d'you know it? it's a Dr Suess classic - not that he wrote it, but you know what I mean...) It sounds like you have lots of lovely outings to look forward to, have fun and take care x

BellaBean Vintage said...

The garden is lovely, so peaceful - although those koi carp always give me the willies the way they slither all over each other - eeww. It's good to have a bit of entertainment in a hospital waiting room - relieves the tedium...

Vix said...

About time!
Harley Dividson! Hahahaha! Daft buggers, that's enough to make anyone in a waiting room feel better!
that garden is exquisite. What an inspiration that chap is especially with scones and tea included.
I'm desperate to visit Chandigarh in The Punjab. It's Jarvis Cocker's favourite garden and that's good enough for me!
Have a fab weekend and don't leave it so long next time! xxxxxx

Curtise said...

Oh yes, that's the other element of The Vix Effect - if she tells you to do something, it happens! She's magic, she is!
Anyway, it's most satisfying to see a post from you, you slacker! Though clearly you have only been slack on the blogging front, not on the work, play, family, or deliciously funny observational fronts.
Hope there was nothing too awful going on that brought you to the emergency clinic. Given the waiting times, a picnic is probably quite a good idea. Poor little Harley D, hope he was OK. One of the kids at school is called Rex Harrison. Really, I suppose his parents have never heard of the other Rex...
What a gorgeous garden. calm and beautiful. Like yourself, darling.
So busy busy Madam Social Butterfly... make a window in that hectic schedule of yours for a day trip, please!

Helga said...

Not too excited about the emergency room bit, apart form the amusing pool of vom...ugh! Only funny when you don't have to clean it up!!
YAY for Vix giving you the gentlest of nudges...!!!Any word from you is a good 'un!But sometimes it's hard to just find that right moment!
Indeed, that Buddhist garden is divoon, and perfect for your Mama, so relaxing, pretty and peaceful!
Social Butterfly minx you, it's a splendid way to see out the season! Lots of schmoozing and boozing and enjoying the last of the Summer sun!
Much love, sweetheart!

mispapelicos said...

So glad to see you posting.
Love, love, love.

Serena said...

You are back! I've been checking to see what you have been up to, and was fully prepared for a kick up the bum myself (albeit a friendly one) until someone else got there. them and you!
You've been missed....brilliant to have you back on the scene, now no going AWOL again for a while please : )
Biggest hugs,

Annie said...

What a stunning garden. It looks so tranquil. I was reading about it on the website, it's a fascinating story. The crystal garden sounds amazing too.
Glad to hear all is well with you.
Hope to meet up again before too long.

Annie xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

That garden looks absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. I would love to visit a place like that.