Monday 29 November 2010

London workshop with Julie Arkell

Had a lovely time at the workshop, although proved to be a bit of a dunce with the knitting side of things...

Julie was lovely; all sparkly, sweet and gentle and there to help when things went wrong.

Here is my creature so far, she needs a bit more work on that outfit. The hat took me most of the day, but I enjoyed it, learning something new.

The expression on her face reminds me of Dame Edna Everage when faced with something or someone lacking in gentility.

She was supposed to be a bit folk, but I think she is more like one of the spinsters on the TV series Cranford, which is a period drama here in the UK. There is a group of unmarried ladies of a certain age, who get a bit excitable over a new bonnet which might be totally impractical and unsuitable. I love that.

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