Monday 30 May 2011

Nosey blackbird

We have a regular visitor to our garden in the form of this little blackbird. 
He hops around over what is left of the lawn, looking for worms. 
He is so busy that I can only assume he is feeding a new brood of little blackies. 
Since we had the garage taken down on Friday and now are digging out the old path in preparation for doing major works in the garden, he has been more visible than ever. All that freshly turned over earth is perfect. 
But you know, even when he has a mouth full of worms, he still keeps hopping around having a good old mooch. I think he is checking out our progress. I wonder if he approves.


OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

The blackbirds are so brave aren't they. We have a Mr & Mrs visit us every day - we feed them sultanas and this year they trained their babies to come and ask to be fed too! I caught the lady doing a spot of sunbathing when we had that nice weather in April.

freckleface said...

Oh I love that story! I'm going to try that. We had the best surprise about half an hour ago. The whole family with their newly fledged baby blackies were all out looking for worms. So cute :)