Tuesday 14 June 2011

A garden of two parts, part 1

Last weekend we went to Lytes Cary Manor in Somerset.

It is one of my favourite gardens. It has the most amazing 'bone structure' with topiary and yew hedges carving out areas and creating views through the garden, which are then punctuated with statues or structures as focal points. It is a really cleverly planned garden.

The backdrop is a beautiful Tudor manor house, but on a tiny scale. Which is handy, as I love small buildings the best.
Tomorrow I'll show you a different side to this garden. 

In the meantime, maybe someone can help me? I am driving myself mad. This garden always makes me think of a film I saw twenty years ago, which I thought was called 'The Architect's Apprentice'. It is a film set in a garden like this. The story evolves during a Georgian or rococo garden party where the eponymous apprentice gets involved in some illicit romantic adventures. It is all powdered wigs, brocade sack dresses for ladies and knee length breeches for men. But I can't find anything on the internet about it. Can anyone help?


Anonymous said...

I think you mean The Draughtsman's Contract XXX

freckleface said...

Thank you so much Anonymous! That is EXACTLY what I meant. You're a genius whoever you are! xx

Anonymous said...

;) X

Anonymous said...

That's funny I've just tried to find the name of the same film and I thought it was the architects apprentice ....So was led to your web site. It was driving me crazy too, so thanks. By the way the garden is gorgeous, it's on my list to visit.
Have you been to Levens Hall, another good one to see.

freckleface said...

Glad you found the answer, I couldn't think of anything else until it was resolved! Thanks for that tip, I shall do a bit of research about Levens Hall. I do love looking round beautiful gardens.