Sunday 20 May 2012

In praise of topiary

I've always loved topiary. The denseness of the colour of the yew hedges which are often used and the shapes and combinations that you can get with it. Do you remember Lytes Cary from last year? Well now I have come across these amazing pictures from a place called Castle Markizyak which is in the Dordogne region in France.
The shape of these hedges reminds me of pebbles on a beach. Quite unexpected and somehow quite modern. I would love to visit this garden at night with that wonderful lighting you see on the third picture.
As for that bottom picture; what about that for a terrace? Awe-inspiring. I don't think I would ever get bored of that view.
I have just discovered how to make pictures bigger, like this one at the bottom. I think I might use that a bit more.

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