Monday 1 April 2013

No sign of the Easter Bunny yet

Well, I can tell you, my last post proved educational for me. Robin Asquith, Russ Meyer, there's been talk of milkmen and naughty neighbours. The man of the house apparently knew these names already as they were met with snorts of laughter. Fancy.
Well, this weekend, I have been seedy in a different way.
The annual seed planting is underway. We started with crops: sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, french beans. He commented on my sowing technique. Said Monty Don wouldn't have me in his garden. A lively and frank discussion ensued.

But I can't complain because he has been working his socks off scraping floorboards in our bedroom. An unenviable task. He uses broken glass to scrape old varnish off and wire wool to scrub. I think I might need to make some tasty tea tonight.

I have been on painting duty. Pimped up this mirror. I did have before pictures but they have mysteriously vanished. It was metal.

This 1930's children's cupboard is going to get the treatment too.

These handles may be involved.

I also cracked and went to the chazzas. It's been weeks, people! These brooches were a highlight of my trip, found in the same shop as the mirror and this little pixie who has settled in with the Hula Honey twins.

We also watched Withnail and I and an Argentinian film called The Secret in their eyes. I really love foreign films.

What have you all been up to then? Chocfest or virtuous? Home alone or out on the town?


Vix said...

Was that the Argentinian film on BBC4? I've circled thet for later in the week, it looks ace!
You have been busy, planting, arguing,pimping up and chazzing. You'll need another Bank Holiday to get over it all!
Love that mirror and the reflections of the clocks, your knobs are wonderful, Missus! xxx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Seed planting is fun! I love what you did with that mirror btw.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh to tempt young Michael Palin to my house in my chiffon nightie! I love love love those brooches, did you see the videos I found on dating brooches? Really handy. I love your cuckoo clock collection. I ate a lot, but not enough. more chocolate is needed xxxxx

Helga said...

I had a little bit of choccie, chilli choccie in fact, and not becasue it was easter....just BECAUSE!
If I had a penny for every time I have said I'm going to plant some virtuous you are! One of these days, I really want top grow my own veg, I'm just a lazy cow!
The floorboards are looking great, and the mirror is AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see the cupboard when you've had your wicked way with it!
AND gorgeous brooches! Bloody hell, that's a productive long weekend...I drank and cooked a lot. It was pleasant!

Curtise said...

I am glad that the man of the house can enlighten you about all the weird and wonderful references from your followers! His floorboard scraping technique sounds like very, very hard work, he definitely deserves a nice dinner.
But you have worked hard too, planting and chazzing and mirror-making-over! The brooches are lovely, and the wee pixie doing the splits is a cutie!
I haven't had much chocolate, the kids troughed their eggs without offering me so much as a sniff, but I've made another coffee and walnut cake instead. Might eat it ALL myself. Then puke. Nice! xxxx

Ofelia said...

You have lots of projects ahead of you. Great job on the mirror, I'm loving the color. Inside gardens are good way to add some nature inside and have some herbs right by the kitchen is always a plus.

Unknown said...

Wow you have been busy. I love those green handles there gorgeous. I look forward to seeing the cupboard transformation, the mirror looks fab I do love pink. Just to say I had to delete my blog last night I couldn't cope any longer with the abusive messages from my husbands Ex but I will still be popping into blog land and catching up with everyone. Thank you for all your comments and for always popping in. Take care, dee xx

me said...

So many cool projects! The food you're planting sounds good!!! And I can't wait to see the finished 1930's cupboard and bedroom floors!

mispapelicos said...

Great job, my gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

My, you have been busy! What a hive of industriousness. hope that your seeds survive the cold patch. last year's veg crop was delicious xx

Unknown said...

I have an almost identical mirror but I did mine with glitter paint because I am so trashy!!! Love all of your lovely bits and pieces!

Sarah xxx