Friday 19 April 2013

Liquorice allsorts

It's been a whirlwind of a week.

Saturday was very grown up. We finished some impromptu tiling in the kitchen. It now looks like a proper kitchen and the kind of thing that only real grown ups could possibly get excited about.

Saturday night saw us going round to our friends for a cheese and wine evening. It was like a grown up picnic. But we still got as drunk as foolish youths. And stayed up late. Yeah.

I went as a Spanish senorita. With big hair as practised on the left.

On Sunday, a rare trip into town for some emergency work shirts. We came across an International market in the Market Square. A whole stall of French garlic. Four Dutch lavenders for a fiver.
The Winner Takes it All, tiquana style, followed by Strangers in the Night. It was joyful. I got sucked in by the sound of Edith Piaf and found myself buying Artisan olive bread. 
I've messed around with this cupboard. Tried three colours so far and it's still not right. But I've lost the will to carry on, so baby pink it remains until inspiration strikes.
From a source unknown, I found the strength to clean the bathroom. Yes, I manage this lifestyle without staff. I know.

Today I received a gorgeously presented parcel in the post from my friend Serena. She thought this little picture was very 'me'. She was right. I want to live right there, in one of those little wooden houses.

Finally, I've just been door stepped by a cold caller. He was selling a potion for cleaning window frames. He started scrubbing before I could think of a nice way to say 'Go away please'.  I was a sitting duck. Those frames haven't been cleaned in the three years we have been here, so they scrubbed up a treat. His potion was made to look magical and his sentence and breath went on for several minutes. I handed over the money just to stop him talking. Spit would have done just as well.

Have a lovely weekend, and remember, don't answer the door bell. You too could end up with a potful of blue gunk.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

I promise not to answer the door! You look absolutely beautiful with your long Senorita tresses. The market looks like good fun and you snaffled some great stuff, I wouldn't've been able to resist the cheese and lavender either. The little picture is really pretty! Just the kind of thing you like!Is it going in the loo too? xxxxxx

Kylie said...

So are you saying the 'window cleaner's' spit was so vile it could clean your window frames? Ewwww! No wonder you ended up parting with cash to get rid of him.

(you are aren't you? I couldn't imagine you spitting on anyone - EVEN a pesky salesman with halitosis!)

Would you like another cuckoo clock for your newly tiled grown-up kitchen? I have a little one I'd love to give you - it's never going to grace a wall here, so it's yours if you want it. Drop me a note.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Ah getting drunk as foolish youth. I do that on rare occasions takes a little longer to recover these days lol.

Anonymous said...

Like the first colour of the cabinet, the blue?
The lavender looks great : what a bargain! I bought some last year and it cost more than that for one.
How lovely of Serena to send you a such a beautiful present xx

Ofelia said...

Tania (this is a very Latina name, by the way!) you look radiant in your senorita dress!
The dresser looks great in pink, you can also try some of the new pastel colors that I see all over the art deco hotels in Miami Beach.
I would spend all day in that market and I'm glad Edith inspire you to buy artisan olive bread!

meghan silva said...

Sounds like an interesting few days , hope you have an amazing weekend.

Meghan Silva's Blog

Curtise said...

I'm confused like Kylie as to whether spitting at the salesman would have made him leave (it would) or whether spitting on the window frames to clean them would have worked just as well as blue gunk (it also would). But you are a Lady, so no spitting goes on, for any purpose, of that I am sure.
Oh si si Senorita, you look gorgeous all flamenco-ed up and ready to eat cheese and get drunk! You deserve some foolishness after tiling and being grown up.
I love those continental markets, and have to buy bread (and cheese and olives usually), no matter what music is being played.
Serena knows you well - that picture is right up your chalet!
Hope the rest of your weekend is equally delightful and sunny. xxxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Your hair looks magnificent! As does your picture frame. I haven't actually ever thought about cleaning mine. Ever. I'm going to have to go and have a look at them now!

Vix said...

You sexy biatch! I saw your post yesterday morning and had a disastrous attempt trying to emulate that amazing up-do (which ended in disaster). I love that dress and them legendary silver sandals.
Getting pissed with friends and cheese and wine sounds like the ideal night in. The bathroom cleaning not so much!
I've seen demos on Walsall market for that window cleaning gunk, I promise to keep the door firmly shut all weekend (apart from when the curry arrives!)

Vintage Coconut said...

You make a gorgeous Spanish Senorita!
The cupboard you have been painting is really cute. I am sure it will look great in any color that suits your liking.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I always get trapped by those cold callers, I just don't have the heart to say go away. I remember hiding in the house from some particularly persistent mormons once because they started coming around all the time, I nearly became a mormon because of cold caller pressure! I love your Spanish senorita style and that sounds such a fun night. Your cabinet looks nice in the baby pink I think, but I would find it hard to make up my mind too, there's so many pretty colours in the world to choose from. xx

Unknown said...

Bless you I never answer the door if I can help it and never answer the house phone its only canvassers there a right pain in the bum. I think you cabinet looks sweet in the baby pink depends what other colours you have in your room and which room you want to put it into. You look gorgeous by the way to love your hair, dee xx

Helga said...

O, dear, the dreaded halitosis!! UGH! I would have happily handed over cash just to get it away from long as your windows look fab, no harm done!
Now you, missy, look a TREAT!! You're such a gorgeous thang, and what a sexacious Senorita you make! How thrilling to get pissed and stay up late! I always feel so risque when I manage that, as I am such a nana these days!
MMMMM, artisan olive oil bread and CHEESE!!! CHEESE!!!! G would be dribbling if he was looking at this, he's a cheese freak.I'm pretty fond of it myself!

Krista said...

Last time I answered my front door I had to buy my dog a license, I never answer it unless I know your coming! I agree with Vix, you are a sexy thing with your hair up! Nothing beats food and booze with friends expect more food and booze:). I still haven't figured out how to trick Chris into shopping with me, duck and shop sounds like it might work.

me said...

The tile looks lovely and I totally get you being excited about it, lol. You look amazing as a seƱorita!!! (Getting drunk every now and then with your friends is fun... I still haven't grown out of that, lol). I'm drooling over the market!

Your week looks like it was most awesome! :)