Saturday 22 March 2014

What is life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

The first quarter of the year has had a new, slower pace, with a more domestic feel to it. I really like it, just being at home, doing the small things.

I made another dress. A 70s sheet, and a modified 70s pattern (McCalls 4535), yet somehow I've ended up with a 50s style dress. I felt a dirndl style skirt would suit the fabric better. Plus it hides my tummy. I have no core muscles, and am allergic to any exercises which would give me some, so after a nice meal I have a tummy like a teddy bear.
These two patterns represent 66% of my success at the charity shops this year.  I've been doing the stats for the annual report at work. Everything is percentages at the moment.

The bedroom is coming together, but still no doors for the wardrobe. I don't mind because I actually love to see all my colourful clothes on display.  

You see that neon pink mirror? I pimped that op! Op to the max. I got it at a flea market when I very first came to Nottingham in 1989. It was gilt with plasterwork, albeit somewhat damaged. 25 years in the same outfit? It was well overdue a facelift.

I spray painted it pink, added some pompom braid from Walsall market and then, for good measure a couple of plastic roses.

Good taste and subtlety? Sorry, I don't understand. Please afford me an interpreter, my good man.

I seem to have been inundated with book loans recently. I need to take to my bed with some salty snacks and a glass of wine and get reading. I have almost the entire back catalogue of Montalbano to get through!
That bedside table is a little dolly washer I bought at the same flea market and the covering is a beautifully hand stiched embroidery which I got for £1 at Newark Antique's Fair donkey's years ago.

We've been going to the park lots, watching the earth come awake. We've seen the waves of snowdrops, crocus, daffodils, and, slowly unfurling now, hyacinths.

For us, there's going to be dahlias this year. Big, blowsy, look-at-me ones.

Tonight it's homemade carrot and coriander soup with cheddar cheese and jalapeno bread. And plenty of wine. Tomorrow I have to be up at the crack of dawn (OK, 8am) to go and run a mile for Sports Relief. Wish me luck!
In case you were wondering, this little Romanian jug constitutes the remaining 33% of my success at chazzas in the first quarter of 2014. Bet you'd love to read the reports I do for work, wouldn't you?


Curtise said...

Ooh ooh, you posted and I didn't know! Your blog is being naughty and not popping itself up to the top of my blog list when you post, which it really should. But hey, I can keep checking up on you, can't I?
Look at your gorgeous frock! That fabric is perfect for Spring, and the style is beautiful. I see your bedroom is looking rather fancy now (who needs wardrobe doors anyway?) I spy much colourful deliciousness on that rail, Tania, and I like it! Nice makeover on the mirror, the soup sounds divine (I made some spicy sweet potato and butternut squash soup in the week, also v good), the dahlias will look wonderful, and you are a star for getting up early on a Sunday to run a mile.
Statistics? Percentages? Annual reports? I'm impressed. She sews, she cooks, she runs, she does maths. She's amazing! xxxx

Unknown said...

Amazing photos!
Beautifull post

Vix said...

Yes, your blog is very naughty, it won't update and I have to keep searching for you to check if you've updated!
Bloody gorgeous in that yellow frock, you are. Hope you've got your thermal pants on underneath though! Your hair looks lovely and I'm very jealous of your fancy wardrobe.
Love the non-classy neon pink mirror with pom poms and plastic flowers, I need to up my game.
Running? Good lord.
Can I come for tea? xxxxxxxx

bohemian vanity said...

A missed post! As the other girls said, a mess it didn't pop up in the reading list!
A tummy like a teddy bear? Haha me too :) Your dress is so pretty, i love the shape! Here it's too cold to wear pretty spring dresses but i hope it will get a bit warmer soon.
The mirror looks amazing with that fresh and bright pink color! Good job you did!
XX Tani

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I've come out in a rather nasty rash with all this talk of percentages and quarters. They do me bleedin' 'ead in! But oh joy the delicious sight of you in your new frock - I had the left pattern when I was about 10 and my mum made me loads of those frocks when we were living in tropical Fiji. Your frock is so gorgeous, the fabric is divine and you my dear are scrumptious!! Oh yes, the mirror needed your well-deserved tart-up, what a lovely gift to bestow on a friend who has been with you nigh on 25 years! I hate wardrobe doors too - they block the best view in the room. I have The Wings of the Sphinx beside me, waiting patiently in line with Henry James' Ghost Stories and The Secret of Father Brown, after I finish On The Road. Hugs lovely! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Vanessa said...

You look loooovely in that dress, absolutely gorgeous piece :)

Connie said...

The Snack Thief. That sounds like my kind of book. You look so adorable. Isn't it amazing how the dresses hardly ever turn out like the picture on the envelope? In this case, it turned out sooo much better. Lovely lovely la la lovely.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful splash of colour xx

Helga said...

Grrr, I can't get your blog to pop up when it's updated, so almost missed this.......GRRR!
You are a FOX in that scrummy frock!
Love the pattern of that sheet,(yay, sheet couture!) and the style is perfect. I actually do have great core muscles, but am too fond of my food to lose the fat, and have a nice round tum most of the time!!! Something to hold on to, darl!
Jaysus, you pimped that mirror beautifully!Hotness! I love the frame and yearn to find one like it, but have never had the luck. Good taste and subtlety are over rated, incidentally!
I haven't had an actual wardrobe in about 15 or more years! G had a stainless steel rack for me, and I love it for the same reason you like not having a door-admiring all my colourful frockage!
Dahlias, the spikey cactus variety, are one of my favourite flowerrs. I hope they bloom GLORIARSELY!
Dinner sounds lovely. We're having carrot and mushroom loaf, roast spuds, stuffed peppers and a courgette salad. It's the bi-weekly veg night!
Run a mile?! That's not good for the girls. Please wear two bras, and keep your work reports to yourself!

Panty Buns said...

Your 50s style dress is beautiful! Your tailoring and the design are fabulous. I love the look of all your colourful frocks.
Its wonderful seeing all the flowers starting to n=bloom. I love Spring and wish it would last forever. That carrot and coriander soup sounds yummy and the jalapeno bread is certainly a spicy and tasty addition to it. I hope you fared well on your mile run.