Monday 7 April 2014

Girls just wanna have fun!

The weeks are flying by, the clocks have gone back and here we are in April. The months of this year have been a bit of a blur, and so was this weekend, as reflected in these photos.

On Friday night I went out to my friend's house for dinner. She had rediscovered her pile of vinyl and invited us to play DJ. We had a merry time and before you could say granny jamming we were up out of our seats busting our finest moves.

1960's Hawaiian dress with train by Alice Polynesia Fashions. The girls examined it thoroughly, whilst repeating like a mantra, 'sewing bee, sewing bee'. Not on this occasion.
My dance partner was the exotically named Monsieur Sauvignon Blanc. Very sophisticated in person, but left me with a terrible virus the next day. Serves me right for messing with glamorous foreigners, eh?

In the morning we had to get up at the crack of dawn to sort out our finances. After such a virtuous enterprise, a girl deserves brunch, so off we pootled to this rather amazing little place, Kiosk just a mile up the road.
It's a shipping container, 8ft x 20ft which has been transformed into a little cafe. They serve food through the day and on certain nights. I heard someone ask their friend what kind of fare it was, and she replied, 'think Ottolenghi'. That sounds about right. I had the most delicious portobello mushroom marinated in garlic lemon and cinammon, singed with herbs and spices served on toast with a middle eastern egg (cooked with turmeric and ras el hanout in case you were wondering). It was heavenly.

I took home a Portuguese tart for later. ;) Because I never learn.

Anyway, all this talk of food and glamorous foreigners has reminded me. Have you seen this blog? Swoon. Which part to covet most, the food, the lifestyle or the amazing beauty of the lady herself? You tell me.


Vix said...

You little raver! What a night.
That's the dress you wore to Chesterfield, isn't it? I didn't know it was an Alice, I've got one, too. They need to be introduced.
Love the swanky container cafe and the sound of your breakfast. A fried egg always sorts me out after a heavy night - although I bet a Portuguese tart would do anyone the power of good.

mispapelicos said...


Curtise said...

Ha, loving your moves with M. Sauvignon Blanc. He's a bit of a one, isn't he? He's loved and left me on a few occasions too...
Nothing like a bit of impromptu grooving with the gals on a Friday night. Which tunes got you out of your seat, Tania? But no clip of the evening's shenanigans? I'm disappointed!
Oh how I adore your Hawaiian frock. Which reminds me, I need to repair a popped seam on mine so I can get it back in rotation!
Kiosk looks gorgeous, I think I would happily demolish anything on that menu. Look, even the eggs are happy.
Oh my word, that blog is beautiful, isn't it? I suddenly feel very old, scruffy, and a really rubbish cook... I'll have to sell my kids and get some better looking ones, they're letting me down badly.
How was the Portuguese tart? Delightful while it lasted, no doubt, much like S. Blanc! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun! Xx

Krista said...

Your breakfast has me drooling and that container restaurant would be right at home here in our food cart courts. Here is to going out and getting rowdy and DANCING!!!!!! It was worth the pain the next day I'm sure, why just at your artsy eggs:) I checked out that other blog and I want a personal chef to make it all for me, almost to pretty to eat, almost.

Unknown said...

I've just discovered your Blog and in one fell swoop you've made me want to get stuck into my greenhouse! What a motivator! Look forward to reading more.

Connie said...

Oh Tania. That granny jam is hysterical. I can't stop laughing. I'm afraid I'm dangerously close to that style. You, however, are looking all Studio 54 with your girlfriends. So fun. And what an amazing Kiosk! Yummmmmm. Love your new profile pic. Very pretty.

Helga said...

Dammit, not getting your updated feed is playing havoc with my health!
Foreigners and children: both seething with germs!!!! My advice is not to touch them!
Mary mother of GAWD, I had not see that blog before, and now I am besotted! Bless! Let's go visit her!