Thursday 7 August 2014

Ireland in a heat wave, part 1 of 2

My second holiday of July took place in the west of Ireland, in Co Donegal, home of my forefathers.

My mother's maiden name can be traced back to Donegal town and county. Everyone I spoke to knew the name, and I was given some good leads. Apparently I need to speak to Martin who runs the waterboat in Donegal. He's one of the clan, and big on the family history.
We arrived in a heat wave, the like of which has rarely been experienced on the west coast of Ireland.

So what do you do when it's hot? Why, you mess about on the water of course!

Here we are at Teelin Bay, where you can get a boat out to view the local beauty spot Sliabh Liag, probably the highest sea cliffs in Europe. 
Our jolly captain moored up and let us dive in from the boat, happily lending us clothes if we didn't have costumes. Just before these photos were taken, the hugest jelly fish swam past. It put me off, I'm ashamed to say.
The clothes weren't glamorous, but the scenery made up for it.
I know what you're thinking.

It's just like the video for Rio, by Duran Duran. 

We already bagsied Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Simon Le Bon, so that leaves you the other two to pick from. Enjoy.

That's our captain Paddy Byrne there. He showed me a video he took in June of sixteen dolphins swimming with that very boat in Donegal bay, where we went. The Irish people are every bit as lovely as you've ever heard they are and more. Interested, friendly and easy-going and will do anything they can to help.
Sliabh Liag
Malin Beg, a steep descent, which hurts more on the way back up. 

Was it worth the climb, to swim in the Atlantic? Oh yes, it was certainly worth it.


Vix said...

Other than the obligatory girls weekend to Dublin I've never been to Ireland. What a wonderful beach and yes, jellyfish would deffo have put me off taking a dip, too.
The Rio video, ha! Bet your cruise was more fun than being with old mardy arse Le Bon and co! xxxx

Curtise said...

Vix is right, this looks MUCH more fun than Simon and co on that yacht! But no thank you to the jellyfish...
Donegal looks stunning. I've been to Dublin, and to County Kerry, which I loved. That gorgeous strand and the wonderful sea - I can practically smell the sea air, love it.
Next bloggers' trip to Ireland then?! xxx

Anonymous said...

What spectacular scenery! It couldn't be any more beautiful.
Didn't know we were linked to Donegal. Interesting.
Think you look great in that head scarf xx

Lally said...

The west coast of Ireland is so beautiful! I grew up there and this post took me back completely. There are some enormous jellyfish there and they definitely used to put me off too! Can't wait to see your next post! XXX

Helga said...

O, how very beautiful!!! Trounces Rio, for sure! But dammit, whomever scored Simon has to share, as I don;t fancy Andy or Roger....don't think anyone did!!!
My maternal Grandfather was from Derry, so I've always thought I might pop in sometime.......!!!

Krista said...

Her name is Rio...LOL this place takes my breath away. What a magical place to be from! I have always wanted to see Ireland and from it's beaches why it's stunning!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'll bet you've got buns of steel after your holiday - cycling, swimming and cliff walking - what wonderful pics! "Her name is Rio and she's dancing in the sand" amen to that. You always look ultra glam, I don't care what you say, you're gorgeous in your red scarf! Thank you for the holiday, I feel very spoilt. xoxoxx