Friday 17 October 2014

Great Dixter and a party

It seems such a long time ago that I took these photos at Great Dixter, this perfect little Elizabethan manor house and garden, most famous for its last incumbent, Christopher Lloyd. It's only actually three weeks since we visited, but goodness, everything looks so different here now.

Summer came to an abrupt halt after Autumn elbowed it to one side.

This was a family home for many years. The last inhabitant died 8 years ago, but lived here his entire life without any of the home comforts we find so indispensable.

I coined it Ascetic Aesthetic. It may not be quite right, but it's not a life of coffee machines and central heating. I am such a nosey parker, I love to see how people live on an everyday basis.
Everything is done in the best possible taste.

Oh look here, it's Top Cat. He marched straight past me, ignoring my pitiful attempts at small talk. That face has purposeful written all over it.

The very last of the summer sun. What a place to enjoy it.

Those are Oast Houses, very typical vernacular architecture found in that part of the country, used for drying hops out before they get used for making beer.

This to me could be the very place where the opening pages of The Portrait of a Lady are set. Quintessentially English.
Well of course, once all that beer has been produced, somebody's got to drink it. And that is what parties are for.

Another 50th. They are starting to come thick and fast now, even though I am still only a VERY youthful 47, who has years to go before it happens to me.

These are my girls from college. We have known each other since we were 18. It's always quite a raucous affair when we get together.

The theme was Hollywood glamour, so I wore a 1960s long chiffon evening dress described by the girls as 'very yellow, very booby and very glam'. They nicknamed me Canary for the evening.

'Nobody puts Canary in a corner.'

My last nickname from this group, after a conversation about my snaggle tooth, ended up as Tanny McPhee. Even now it makes me snort with laughter.

I've had a cold, but it's on its last legs now, so I feel ready to go out into the world again. Hmmm. I think I might go on a rail journey tomorrow...


Vix said...

I remember going to Kent for the first time and squealing at those oast houses, I love the wonky roofs!
Great Dixter looks gorgeous & so do youespecially in that late Summer sunshine. That sounds like the way we lived before I left home, Ascetic Aesthetic sounds much nicer than bastard freezing, video-less, ice box!
That night out looks riotous, I hope you're not thinking of getting up to the same shennaghans tomorrow wherever you might be heading! xxxxx

Curtise said...

Tanny McPhee - I love it! What a gorgeous bunch of ladies, and raucous too? Just my type of crowd! You do look super-glam in your canary yellow, and you certainly don't deserve to be sitting in a corner when you look that fabulous. Get yourself up and dancing (was Q around to do The Lift?)
That Tudor house is beautiful, complete with Mr Purposeful Tabby - he's clearly on a Very Important Mission. And you are looking gorgeous in your jumpsuit, soaking up the last of the sun. Haven't you visited some pretty places lately? "Tanny McP's Guide to Pretty Places" - there's a guide book waiting to be published!
Be seeing you very soon, can't wait! xxxx

mondoagogo said...

Ooh such prettiness! That first photo reminds me of the way the florists at Liberty's used to look, with the tudor beams above and the flowers exploding in a riot of colour beneath, must be where Liberty got the idea :)

Connie said...

"Portrait of a Lady" oh yes!!! I really can't survive for very long without my hair dryer (I once blew out the electricity of an entire Italian pensione while attempting to control my frizz) but isn't this place lovely. I'd go all scraggy haired for it. Oh England. So so so pretty. Sigh. And speaking of pretty. Sunny yellow really is your color. Yellow shoes, yellow negligee. Tanny McPhee! Ha!

Krista said...

What a beautiful Tudor home, I could see my stuff right at home inside it's historic walls. You look like you are drinking up the last bit of summer sun.

Canary I'm thinking more liquid sun baby you look beautiful and so do your girl friends! That looks like too much fun!

Fiona said...

Isn't Great Dixter beautiful? I must get myself down there next year, it's shameful that I haven't been when it's so nearby. Your canary dress is stunning...bought anything else lately? Come on let's see! xxx

Ivy Black said...

What a gorgeous place. We have some fabulous manors and gardens in Blighty don't we, and Kent is so beautiful.
You look stunning in yellow and I'm happy to learn that it was a raucous night.

Lovely to see you again yesterday, Tanny McPhee....let's all do it again soon.xxxx

Helga said...

Shizzer, it's right out of Midsomer Murders! I only watch them for the amazing houses...!!! How bloody gloriarse! You are DELECTABLE in that heavenly frock......I would have had a hard time keeping my hands off you had I been there! Dang, you get to go to ALL the cool places!