Friday 22 May 2015

The ancient port of Jaffa

A couple of days into our holiday, our friend had arranged for us to have a holiday within a holiday. Before dropping us off at our accommodation, he drove us round Jaffa, and I fell in love.
Imagine an ancient harbour surrounded by crumbling old buildings, cafes and restaurants, a flea market that winds through street after street and photographic opportunities on every corner. A stunning patchwork of colour, noise, smells and bustle. You would all love it!
Her hair is fabulous. And her eyelashes.
We spent three days exploring the old city, the flea market, the harbour, the sea front and then venturing further into the modern city of Tel Aviv. 
Each day, we would walk down different streets. I love to get a feel for where and how people really live.
You walk up those steps to get into the old city. It's particularly lovely at night when the temperature is all mellow, the lights are twinkling and in the background a jazz band is playing. 
Here I am in a Kinky Melon dress recreating a scene from the bible, Rachel at the well. That 1960s tourist souvenir came from the flea market. It's been waiting 50 years for someone to take it home in their suitcase.
Well, it is the Holy Land!

Next up, we go on a train adventure to another holy place. Coming along for the ride?


Anonymous said...

Who is that lady with the amazing hair and eyelashes? ��
Love you at the well and as an angel on Earth. We need more angels. Keep up the good work�� xxxx

mondoagogo said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! I love Meditteranean towns with semi-feral kitties all over the place.

Connie said...

Oh my. You make me want to hop on a plane and fly right over there. You ARE an angel. Either that or a fairy.

Fiona said...

Yes I would definitely love it. Did that heavenly body just pop down for the falafel? xx

Ivy Black said...

And no wonder! What an utterly gorgeous place. All that colour. There should be colour....those beautiful blues. Beautiful.
You are a beautiful angel, my darling and I will be very happy to come along for the ride.

Sue said...

Stunning photos of a stunning place. Thanks for taking me along for the ride, oh and I am coming on the next part of your tour for sure. LOVE the angelic last photo!!!

Vix said...

I love it, too! I want to be there right now. That graffiti is splendid, I love her hair.
Cats, big doors, traditional costume and plants in pots. All the things I love in a place.
That Kinky dress is having the time of her life and the angel photo is fab! xxxx

Curtise said...

Oh yes, I think I would love Jaffa, your pics have captured some fabulous sights and it looks and sounds glorious. You've a great eye for detail and colour, I love your photos.
I spotted the Kinky dress straight away (originally from Sheffield, of course!) and the angel pic is wonderful, you make a beautiful angel, Tania! xxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

Oh my goodness! what an adventure you have had, and in such a beautiful place, Jaffa certainly is mesmerising, love the angel pic, suits you! look forward to the next installment! x x x