Friday 19 August 2016

Everything but the kitchen sink*

Serena emailed me a few weeks back, asking if we were going to go to the Lincolnshire Home Show this year.

As she said, 'This will make it our 4th year...which cements it as a tradition in my books!'
Matching strappy sandals, colourful toe nails, big sunnies and straw baskets from our trip to France. We're twinnies!
I wouldn't miss it for the world!
This pair of chairs was down from £200 to £120, but I'm sure he'd have accepted £100. I was sorely tempted, but just couldn't think of anywhere to put them. There's only one thing for it. I need a bigger house.
Belt and gypsy top from charity shop £1, and 70s Pucci print maxi skirt from car boot in 2011, 50p
We have the best time. I get over to Serena's for early o'clock, then we mooch up to an airfield in Lincolnshire, via Waitrose in Newark where we get some supplies (coffee, pastries and cash), chatting all the way. We go in her car, because it's bigger than mine, so we can fit more in.
We admire these bird houses every year. I was dead set on getting a couple of these antique metal churns to use as planters on the patio with a couple of small trees in them. They were £15 each, which I thought was a good price
Once there, we hit the field, faced with stall after stall of everything antique or vintage you can imagine, from gilded mirrors, to chandeliers, to stone statues for the garden to the humblest little winky wonky stools to use as side tables to paintings to little bits of jewellery. There's every price tag from a pound up to thousands of pounds, so there's something for everyone.
Decisions, decisions. We loved that enamel dresser

Weighing up whether to try on this 1940s cotton dress
We pretend we're interior designers for the day, and like to imagine things in situ. It's all 'Ooh, that would look nice in a farmhouse kitchen, or wouldn't that look great in a loft apartment?' We don't live in either of those; they are the imaginary homes belonging to our imaginary customers. We love it! (Well, I do anyway!)
Serena has two pussy cats already, but that one nearly came home with her too.
One of the things I love about wearing vintage clothing is that complete strangers use it as an introduction to talk to you. We had a lovely chat with these ladies in the loo!
The first couple of years we took a picnic lunch, but last year we discovered a stall selling stone-baked made-to-order pizzas. They were amazing. There's no going back to sandwiches after that.
Imagine our disappointment when the pizza van wasn't there. We had to settle for chips! Lazing around on the grass after lunch meant we missed out on some purchases. By 3 o'clock when we went back to the stall to do the business, the man with the metal planters had packed up and gone
On the way home, we pop into Doddington Hall, for a coffee, then we chat our way back to Nottingham.
Finally, I get home, walk in the door, and Q greets me with the words, 'More junk?'

It's a tradition!
This year's junk: a Scottish dancing brooch (£4) to replace one I lost years ago and a bird bath (£10) which looks like it could belong to Snow White. I also bought something else which I'll show you soon!

*The title refers to a purchase in year 1, when I actually came home with a kitchen sink unit. Every year since, Q's parting words when I set off are, 'Don't buy anything big and impractical.'
Makes me laugh every time.

BIG THANKS and photographic credit to Serena for taking all the pictures of me. 


Polyester Princess said...

That show would have been right up my street! It's a shame that man with the metal churns had packed up already. How dare he! I'm hearing you on the needing a bigger house thing. Ours is bursting at the seams and we are often faced with dilemmas like that. Oh, and wearing vintage surely gets you chatting to all kinds of people. That brooch is lovely, and the bird bath is really sweet. I can't wait to see what else you bought! xxx

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of lovely bits to mooch over at the vintage show. You were a paragon of virtue to come away with so little.
I recognise that skirt!�� Amazed you managed to get that bird fountain in the car...Good advice from Q ( ho , ho, ho!) : definitely have to remember that NEXT time!�� Xxxx

Lynn Holland said...

That looks like me kind of place, all those treasures.
You look mighty fine in your summer finery, I had mine on yesterday but today it's back to woolly tights and it's pouring down xxx

Fiona said...

What a fab day you had. I love an antiques fair and go to our local one regularly. What a shame the bloke with the galvanized planters left early, bet Q was relieved to hear that ? Love your outfit and the look of those chips! x

Unknown said...

Your tradition sounds great- looks like you and Serena had heaps of fun! Love your finds. That Scottish dancing brooch is the best looking piece of 'junk' I've ever seen! Xxx

mondoagogo said...

I'm with you on the imaginary interior design company -- that's why I love Pinterest! :) I love that enamel dresser too, would go great with the kitchen table.

Sue said...

Oh yeah that there is a tradition alrighty. Men and their parting words, tell him you need a tow bar on your car for the trailer you will need next year. I have two of those french baskets, I use one daily, they are awesome aren't they. How did you not come home with out a bird house, I would have bought a couple, price tag depending tho'. Keep up the tradition and I am sure you can start some more!!

Vix said...

Twins! Just goes to show that you and Serena are on the same wavelength with matching feet and baskets and if I'd have joined you we'd be in matching gypsy tops and bargain maxis!
That looks like a great day out - what a shame about the galvanised planters and pizza but a great excuse to go back next year.
Oh yes, vintage clothes are a real ice breaker, everyone chats when you're wearing it. I'm loving the way that lady is admiring the construction of that dress, my Grandma always used to do that and I keep finding myself doing the same, too!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

That looks like an amazing fair! Love those chairs and your brilliant bargain outfit. The bird bath is so cute too.What the bejasus is a Scottish dancing brooch?


Mim said...

Look at how splendid you look! I'm amazed at that bargainous maxi.

It looks like a really lovely day out. You were very restrained. Of course, a bigger house still would never be big enough...

Anonymous said...

PS: Did you get the 1940s floral dress? Not sure can sleep until I know! Xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Well that's got to be one of the best traditions I've ever seen!!! xoxoxoxo

Curtise said...

Ooh, the girls are out and about, baskets at the ready! It looks like a fab day, so much to explore. And chips too - I'm jealous!
Q is a funny man - I like him!
Catching up, catching up - wait for me... xxxx