Monday 24 October 2016

Allotment life

I haven't bored you with treated you to an allotment update recently, and really I need to before the gloom of winter descends and it's all just a distant memory.
If we ignore June, we had a pretty good summer here in the East Midlands, with plenty of sunshine and warm days. I'm not at all a sunbather, but I do love waking up to bright days and being able to wander around in flip flops and summer dresses. I hate having to wear loads of layers, and I miss the flowers in winter. I like swimming in the outdoor pool and eating supper on the patio, so although I die in the intense heat (after a lot of moaning), I truly do love summer best of all, with Spring getting a Silver medal and Autumn scooping the Bronze.
The blackberries this year were plentiful and delicious. Gentleman's Avenue, where the bigwigs of Nottingham had their plots. Our friend Dancing Dave has just landed one there. We're going up for a visit next weekend.
August/September was lovely so it seemed the perfect time to invite some friends up to see what it's all about, this allotment life. If I'm honest, I've hardly spent any time up there this year. I have two jobs and an unpaid role which take up most of my time and energy. Every year I say I'm going to do less work, but for the time being, it's just wishful thinking. Good job there's a man-who-can to keep things going.
So one weekend Serena and Claire came to see us. We hadn't discussed food or anything but great minds think alike. We took homemade scones, cream and jam made from the currant bushes up on Q's plot, and they brought wine and crisps. What a lovely combination that proved to be.
A surprise visitor. So beautiful!

A sudden downpour sent us scurrying into the shed Q has fashioned from some bits of wood he was given, including a child's Wendy House. It's still awaiting a finished door and windows, but hopefully by winter it will be watertight, so he can seek refuge and make himself a cup of tea. 
Then the following weekend Phil and Varanya visited. This time we had bread, cheese and a cup of tea. It's one of the rules of nature, that everything tastes better outside, so we really enjoyed it.
The allotment has a very special feel about it. It's easier to relax and unwind up there than anywhere else I know. There's the most amazing variety of wildlife, big skies, the wind blows and you feel free. I love it, much more than our garden.

I'm already looking forward to next summer when we can have some more friends to visit.


Fiona said...

How right you are. I used to be an allotmenteer but alas a new job with 12 hour shifts put paid to that. I still go up there sometimes though, it is so peaceful and a great place to get nature photos ...and all the village gossip! Q's shed is brilliant, can we see it again please when finished? xx

Vix said...

It looks idyllic, all that sitting in the sunshine, necking booze and eating well. I want Summer back already!
That fox photo is just lovely.
Tell me more about Dancing Dave, I like the sound of him. xxx

Ivy Black said...

Perfection. That is a proper allotment that is and how amazing to have a visiting fox! I do love having an time to do much to it these days, but it's a lovely spot.
Dancing Dave, eh? He sounds

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...


Your allotment looks lovely - it's how I'd like ours to look. The fox is magnificent - I've seen one on our street but a long time ago.

I prefer autumn to spring but I do like summer best as well and no wonder you do with that lovely allotment to retreat to. What a good idea to have something to eat outside at the allotment and of course wine and tea are the perfect accompaniments to most meals...

We have just given our allotment up. My OH hasn't got the time and I have no interest in gardening - other than buying and planting plants, so we've let it go. When OH retires we'll apply again - he'll have the time then and it will keep him fit!

Hope your week is going well.



Polyester Princess said...

Your allotment is looking truly idyllic! My grandfather had an allotment, and when I was growing up we hardly ever had to buy any veg. I've got a keen interest in gardening, but only have limited space in our handkerchief sized garden, not to mention limited time in my far too busy life. Now it is my turn to be jealous. I'm loving your surprise visitor! xxx

Carol said...

How wonderful, Tania!!!
Can you believe summer is over already!?

Unknown said...

Oh, this looks so lovely, being immersed in nature, surrounded by some friends and having delicious food. Seeing your photo of a blackberry reminds me of how much I love it in Summer when the neighbours' berry tree grows over our fence and I can pick some to make jam, cream and scones. Xxx

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely : he's done a good job! The shed from salvaged wood is great... It looks like a nice home from home spot xxxx

Mim said...

Your allotment looks lovely. I know what you mean about not having time to do things; I only have a garden and it's a nightmare, despite having fewer commitments than you.

Spring trumps summer for me, but both definitely trump late autumn and winter, which are the (cold, wet, miserable) pits.

Maybe Mr (Mrs?) Fox wants a scone...

Lynn Holland said...

Your allotment holds the same magic for you as our caravan does for us. Its pure escapism isnt it and yes food does taste better when you are sat outside. I've sat out in my coat and boots before now eating breakfast just for the sheer bliss of being in the nature of the trees.
Gawd im sounding poetic and already hating the idea of closing up the van till March. Deep sigh !
I really hope that you get more time for yourself and to follow your heart in the near future sweetheart.
Lynn x x x

HazelxJoy said...

Summer does seem like a long time ago already.
I love summer too, I hate having to wear layers, my outfits become so dull in the colder months - all jumpers and jeans. The freedom of being able to leave the house without a coat is an absolute pleasure.
Your allotment looks lovely, I like the shed especially. What a super place for picnics with friends. I think the allotment is probably the best place to relax because you’re not at home thinking about all the stuff you have to do.
I’m so tempted to try and grow some veg or soft fruit next year, we’re lucky enough to have a garden big enough so I have no excuse really. I’m thinking we can tuck it out of the way, pop up a shed and pretend we’re not at home.

Sue said...

I love your allotment, and there is so much to miss. We share a love of gardening for sure. This is why we take photos!! I shall bombard you with Summer colour from down here at the bottom of the world. I am longer to go sleeveless and bare feet, not long now.