Sunday 9 January 2011

Alpine stuff

I was born in Switzerland and as a child I thought of it as a magical place. My father used to do slide shows for us, and we would see the chalet where we lived, the mountains, the countryside.
This is me in my Swiss outfit.
My nan and grandad bought a cuckoo clock when they came to visit.
As children, whenever we went to their house, we would sit and wait for the cuckoo to do his stuff. Once on the quarter hour and then several times on the hour depending on the time. The later it got the better it was. Cuckoo, Cuckoo.

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Andrea said...

Hi Tania,
Happy New Year to you,
I can now see where your inspiration comes from!
Myself and Gabs often watch the Sound of Music (in your previous post) and we love it, I have loved from being little! I love the Cuckoo Clock.
Andrea x