Sunday 20 November 2011


I put the TV on this morning just while we were having a lazy breakfast and came across a channel showing back to back episodes of Dallas. Oh my goodness. I can't stop watching. It is still as brilliantly addictive as it was when we were kids and used to look forward to the weekly installment.

We would all make sure we were ready, pyjamas on, the snacks would be out and we would choose our favourite drink from the soda stream, which my dad would serve up for us :)
There's so much about Dallas that's good. The lifestyle down on the old ranch in Texas, the fancy cars, the glamorous women, the wheeling and dealing, the inter-personal dramas. And because there is such a fashion for retro nowadays, it actually looks quite stylish.
If you want to check out a bit of current day ranch glamour, why not have a look at the brilliantly named Cliff Barns down in Norfolk.
It is a place you can hire out for you and your family and friends to stay. It sleeps up to 18 people. Bet it would be great. Here are some pics, but for the full experience, you have to go to the website.
All images copyright Cliff Barns

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