Thursday 17 November 2011

Elvis - If I can dream

I found it a bit hard getting up today, had to be out early. So I was in the car sometime about 8.30am, half asleep and dreaming of going back to bed. But then Elvis came on the radio. And the day got much better as soon as I heard the first notes. That voice is so familiar to me, it's almost as though I know him. I might have mentioned him once or twice before...

A while ago my friend at ric-rac asked what you would want to do or who you would want to meet if you could go back in time. Well my wish would definitely be to go and see Elvis play live, in Las Vegas. I would sit in one of those booths, really close to the stage and would be one of those girls who would run up to the stage for a kiss :) What would you do?

I find this song so stirring.


ric-rac said...

Great song and Elvis in leather how fabulous - I'd be in the booth with you matey. I'd let you claim the kiss though : )


freckleface said...

Ooh I know, Elvis in leather, rather thrilling :) 1968 comeback special, such a great performance. Thanks ric-rac, you can have all the kisses from Take That :)'