Saturday 31 March 2012

Food glorious food

I'm a bit of a devotee of Saturday morning kitchen with James Martin (in our family he is known as our Saturday morning boyfriend). It's the combination of food and banter I like.

One of his guest chefs today was Cyrus Todiwala, and in conversation they mentioned a new restaurant he had just opened up at Heathrow. Mr Todiwala mentioned an elephant that they have in the restaurant, which intrigued me, so I googled it.

I found more than I was expecting on this rather lovely website. I really like the light bright decor of the restaurant, the statement elephant and the play on the Indian colonial style with a modern twist - note the bowler hat and safari helmet resting on the musical instruments. All the quintessential Indian elements are there; the wooden shutters, whicker furniture, splashes of brilliant colour in the fabrics and carved wooden furniture, but the way it is put together is light and elegant, so that it ends up looking almost French.

I would love to eat there...
All photos copyright Nitin Kapoor

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