Friday 3 August 2012

Amish: a secret life

I love learning about the way other people in different countries and cultures live their lives. Last night there was a film about an Amish family who live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This family was so, so cute. So full of joy. I really liked them.
Life isn't as simple for them as it used to be; the modern world is encroaching and you could see the struggle in them to find the right path for them in that world, whilst wanting to respect the old order. Not easy.


Muddy Boots said...

Is this the way forward. Thier lifestyle uses less resourses and is sustainable, in America that is is good thing.

freckleface said...

Hi Muddy Boots, I agree, there is so much that is good and sustainable about their lifestyle and I love the fact that they are in touch with the land. The only area that maybe isn't so sustainable, is the amount of children they may be contemplating. They currently have five and the mother would happily have ten. Granted, they have the land in America to accommodate more people, but as a planet, moving forward, do we have the resources to maintain such large families? Will we be able to feed everyone? Will we end up having to build on every bit of green open space? Those are the things that worry me.