Monday 27 August 2012

My new favourite blog - VintageVixen

I love this gal. She's so down to earth, funny, and devil may care. I find myself going to visit her every day.

Her blog is ostensibly about all the bits and bobs she buys at charity shops, car booties and jumble sales, which she models for us. But we also get the back stories of a lifelong disability overcome and heartache around parents, one dead, one alive in a home. However she doesn't dwell on that, she's the type to just get on with it. What comes through is her sense of humour, her ability to take the mickey out of herself, her love of life and her general ability to be happy and have fun. That's what keeps me coming back for more.



Anonymous said...

great stuff

Tami said...

I just found her blog too! Love it!!! I think i might move to England to be her friend! lol

freckleface said...

Hi Tami! Welcome! She's a corker isn't she? Always makes me laugh with her antics.. x