Monday 24 September 2012

A circuitous route

I go most places in this fashion. The man of the house describes my thought process and actions as 'flight of the bumblebee'. I start a job, get distracted or remember something else, go and do that, the same thing happens again, then I remember the original job and so on and so forth. He hates going shopping with me, because he always loses me when something catches my eye and I am off, moving at speed, short legs notwithstanding.

In fact when I started this blog post I remembered I was in the middle of doing a bit of painting so went and skipped up a ladder before the brush hardened.

Anyway. To get back to the matter in hand.
I discovered Spitalfield's Life by accident when I was actually looking for something else. And here is what I was looking for. I recently came across my scrapbook of favourite residences, and really probably my all time favourite, which is this railway carriage. It is the weekend home of Will Brown,  the co-founder and designer behind the wonderful clothing brand Old Town. I like to look up this business now and then to see how they are progressing, and it was through them that I discovered Spitalfield's Life.

Isn't this idyllic? Simple life lived out in a field. There is only one area which I would have to change. They use sheets and blankets, whilst I am a duvet girl all the way.
I have an old friend who would tut over that confession, he being a purist and all. He once came to stay and asked me if I was leaving my Victorian pine doors unpainted. From the tone of the voice and the look with which he fixed me, I knew the answer was important. A deep breath and quick thinking. Thank goodness I got it right. (No, I am going to paint them.) Life is fraught with pitfalls.

I can't help wondering if this is the same carriage, with the walls taken down?


ric-rac said...

I look at this website regularly and dream about staying in one of the properties sometime soon : ) A mini break with no kids maybe?
S x

freckleface said...

Wow, that looks so wonderful...I think I am going to join you in those dreams! xx