Tuesday 20 November 2012

Song for the day: Cilla Black

It's all very retrospective and nostalgic in our house at the moment. I've sorted through the old tapes, and am just working my way through the records. So whilst I am thinking about music, here's a song from my childhood.

My dad used to make up compilation tapes for us and this (below) was a great favourite. 

I remember singing it to my class at school, no accompaniment. Since I can't sing in tune and couldn't remember all the words when confronted by a sea of small bemused faces, it was a little bit excruciating. I just kept going round and round while my classmates put their heads down and their shoulders started to shake. God knows how many times I sang that chorus. The teacher had to stop me in the end. That single act should be the dictionary definition of 'merciful'.

It's been 36 years since that notable day. I am told that time heals, so no doubt the chagrin will fade eventually.



olivia said...

Oh, how lovely going through all the old tapes. Compilation heaven! What was that other Cilla one we used to love? Remember our Abba sessions with microphones? Oh the joys! xx

freckleface said...

Anyone who had a heart or You're my world?

Haha, pioneering early karaoke style, rocking it! :) xxx

Unknown said...

Aw I love looking at old compilation tapes! I have done the same thing when attempting to "perform" a song..just keep singing the chorus again and again ha ha

freckleface said...

Tee hee, glad it's not just me. Lovely blog :) You must have incredible willpower to work in a charity shop and not buy LOADS of stuff :)