Monday 3 June 2013

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave

Over here in Blighty, June has come in with a bang. There is sunshine, there is warmth and there are summer dresses.

Do you remember this one? It's my tablecloth dress. It looked a bit dental technician in white so I dyed it yellow and added a bit of lace down the front. It's simple and cool and the length makes me feel all youthful.

The weekend was very sociable. On Saturday I met up with the girls for a country walk and picnic. This is a typical farm building in this part of the country, with this red brick and these decorative patterns in the brickwork. I wonder if this part of the building was used as a dovecote, with these holes where the doves would fly in and out.
A field of rapeseed, fluorescent yellow against the blue sky. A snake in the grass!
This looks like a normal pair of hands, doesn't it? Well it's not. These, my friends, are the Fingers of Fear. They belong to my younger sister, who came to visit. 

The Fingers of Fear and their work are part of our ritual when we get together along with eyeballing each other's wardrobes and usually a bit of disco dancing. They are permanently cold and are capable of inflicting the most excruciatingly effective massage known to man. Long and thin, they intuitively know where the tightest muscles are. They go straight to them and work their brutal magic. She laughs her head off as I whinge and moan and say 'blimey' and 'oh my word' on repeat. By the time she finishes, I want to sleep like a baby. 

Our latest food obsessions. Rosemary potatoes and roasted tomatoes with garlic and thyme. Here we did them as crostini with olive bread and goat's cheese. Perfect for a summer lunch out in the garden.

I'm linking to Lakota's Ta-Dah Tuesday because of my homemade dress.


Helga said...

Oooo, I adore the simplicity of that sweet frock! the lemon is perfect, and the lace touch just takes it up a notch more!
Heat wave, you say?! HURRAH! Thank goodness. You Brit lasses have been so miserable about your weather, so I am THRILLED that you've finally got some good shit going ON!
Love that farm building, it would make a splendid home conversion!!!
I am scared of massages, mostly because of a painful Thai one I had once where she shoved a pointy stick between my toes! OW! Certainly never a Thai style one again! A nice gentl;e one...MASSAGE...would be just the ticket today, though, I have to say. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Krista said...

Ah how I do love a nice deep tissue massage, if I don't wanna cry you aren't rubbing hard enough!!!! Your upcycled dress now has some sass to it. Yellow is cheery always and the lace down the front is fun! That gorgeous yellow field of flowers is almost as enticing as that plate of food. Yum!

Vix said...

God, I've had a massive tea and your plate of spuds is making me want to raid the fridge!
That dyed and pimped up dress is a dream on you, you gorgeous thing, and I love the vibrant field of rape and the evil snake.
Your sister's fingers of fear sound a bit scary, wonderfully long digits. Is she arty? xxxxxxx

Curtise said...

Oh that little dress is so beautiful now it's yellow and has added lace - you clever thing! You look like you are ready for tennis, where's Lord Woody of Winfield? Hope you've got your knickers on...
As we were travelling through the countryside on various trains last week, I kept marvelling at the lurid yellow of the rapeseed against the blue sky, such strong colours and so beautiful.
Massages are supposed to be ever so slightly uncomfortable, aren't they? Just to prove they are doing you some good. But perhaps not excruciating... Hope your sister warms the Fingers of Fear up a bit before she lets them loose on you!
Mmmm - good food is always better eaten al fresco on a warm evening. Yummy!
See you soon! xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I absolutely love the first photo! It's fantastic, you look so adorable but rather naughty. The dress is fantastic pale yellow and the lace stripe is a touch of brilliance. I always enjoy photos of outdoors, walks with the sun on your back are just heaven. I need the fingers of fear, my boyfriend refuses massages and I doubt my sister would oblige either, so you are lucky, no pain - no gain, or something. Your summer meal looks delish - tiny new potatoes and cherry tomatoes! wonderful. xxxxxx

Marilyn's Heatwave will be in my head forever now!

Connie said...

You look adorable. Very Lolita. You are lucky to have a long fingered massagey sister. Mine has chubby fingers that only hold a glass of wine.

Kylie said...

Curtise's comment had made me smile. Your pretty frock reminds me of that famous pic too. It looks so much nicer in lemon and lace and I love your sunnies too.
I wish I had a sister with magic fingers - I wouldn't mind swapping clothes for massages.
Oh and cute plaits too - whenever I try them, my horrible wirey hair (or coarse as my hairdresser calls it, which is very nice of him!) goes all Pippi Longsticking.

Ofelia said...

You look lovely, summery and I dig those heart sunnies and the braids!
Its sounds like you did have a lot of silly fun with your girls and the rapeseed fluorescent yellow field is what I imagine the British summer to look like.

Vintage Jane said...

You look so cute! Perfect summer dress, sunnies and plaits!
I could do with a massage from your sister right now, although hopefully another trip to the chiro on Thurs will sort me out.
M x

Unknown said...

OOoooh roasted tomatoes and goats cheese are two of my all time faves - YUMMO!

The yellow flowers against the blue sky is spectacular. And you in that GORGEOUS yellow summer dress - ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sarah xxx

Melanie said...

What a pretty dress; isn't it amazing what a bit of dye and some trim can do. I love rapeseed, I'm one of few people who loves the smell (the early honey smell, not the end of flowering cabbage smell!).

Optimistic Existentialist said...

The dress looks beautiful!! And that field of rapeseed looks like heaven.

Hannapat said...

Super cool lemon dress, didn't see it white but can only but imagine. Love the sunnies and the braids. Sounds like you had a really lovely time with your sis and how lucky you are to share clothes and enjoy life together xo

Anonymous said...

My goodness, you look lovely in that dress and your spectaculors. You have transformed it into a perfect little summer runaround. Better squirrel that away in my bag next time!! :)
You know you LOVE the FOF! If only your fellow bloggers could hear you mid massage : they would be queuing round the block! xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It's lovely, really 60s and cool. Hurrah for good weather so you can wear ir!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I know I'm very late here but had to say what a great job you made of your dress, it looks so pretty now, and your cute plaits just set it off to perfection. Hope you get lots of sunny days now to show it off. xx

me said...

That little yellow dress is a-mazing!

Unknown said...

i love that dress its so gorgeous on you! so great to find another UK blogger xxxxxx