Sunday 9 February 2014

January, February, I don't understand

Well hello there!

I've been away a while, during which time a massive organisation has skilfully relieved me of my domain name. Sort of like a cyber Artful Dodger. Of course I could always buy it back, there is an auction. Highest bidder wins. But that way possible bankruptcy lies, so instead I formulated a cunning plan, sort of like a cyber Baldrick, which involves a slight change of name for the blog. It is now a, instead of a com. That suits me just fine.

So, what have I been up to? I had a birthday, which prompted some lovely parcels of joy from Curtise...

A gorgeous folksy apron, orange gloves and a little treen deer letter rack. All just perfect. I have a twin for that deer rack, so now I can have them in more than one room.

...and Vix

I had been admiring Vix's Madeira handbag for ages, so she sent me the baby twin, a wonderful hand embroidered Madeira apron, a notebood from India and a hat that makes me smile every time I put it on. It matches my vintage Astraka fake fur jacket exactly!

Talking of which, at Christmas, my sister and I had a get together involving an impromptu photo shoot when she came in wearing said jacket and hat. What do you think? Hot stuff, isn't she? She looks like she's just walked out of the pages of a 1960s magazine.
Into the new year, I've been really enjoying nesting, cooking, and doing a bit of sewing. Here's a shift dress I made from a tablecloth Vix gave me when we met up in November. It has been a bit of a wardrobe staple ever since.

Somebody else who has been enjoying nesting has been my friend Serena. Here she is gracing the pages of Ideal Home magazine! If you want to see her wonderful little house, here is the tour I did a while ago.


Krista said...

Happy Belated Birthday beautiful! You got properly spoiled from Curtise and Vix those two are great gift givers. That letter holder and purse are too dang sweet and look so very you!
Your sis is just as pretty as you, both of you are scrumptious! The dress you made from the tablecloth puts so many of my store bought stuff to shame. I love the bright orange! I had a peak at your friends place how cute it is! It sounds like you have been nesting and being all cozy, it's that time of year!
It's nice to see your pretty face again!
Lots of lovexxxoooo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We mıssed you and your lovely blog xxxx

Vanessa said...

Happy b-day. That tabletop dress is gorgeous!

Connie said...

Hey You! We both had birthdays! Happy Birthday to Us!!! I'm crazy about your tablecloth shift dress! This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

mispapelicos said...

So good to see you again, my gorgeous

Vix said...

Would you credit it, wait 3 months for a post off our Tan-Tan and two arrive together, what a treat!
Fancy Curtise and I both sending you pinnies, we both think of you as a domestic goddess, obviously!
Is that you or your sister? You look identical.
The tablecloth dress turned out a treat. Dd you have to hack about a foot off the bottom and 6 inches off the boobs, too? What is it with those patterns, eh?
How cool that Serena's a magazine star, I'll have to make a doctor's appointment and nick their copy! xxxx

Helga said...

Feck ARSE. I bloody missed this comeback, and I can't even remember if I at least wished you a happy birthday! I'm a self absorbed slut.
BUT, I am rather absorbed in this post, you are so FECKING HOT in your divoon shift frock! OMG! Tablecloth couture at it's finest! You rock orange, o yeah!!! And then your SISTER! I wouldn't mind being the meat in your sandwich!!!! Phwoar, some good genes in your family!
Such treats you received; those girls are fabularse parcel senders!!!!
YAY, I'm stoked you got the blog saga sorted!!!!

Curtise said...

You're BACK! I've missed you, Princess T-T! So glad you got all that pesky domain name crap sorted out, we need you round here.
Ha, Tania Two Aprons, we'll call you! Isn't that funny? Love the Madeira bag from Vix, and the hat. Like Vix, I thought that was you modelling the hat and coat, you and your sister are so alike. Supermodels, the pair of you!
Gorgeous tablecloth dress, what fabulous colours. And blimey, look at Serena in Ideal Home, there's nothing that girl can't do, is there? I feel like a friend to the stars! xxxx