Tuesday 26 November 2013

They COULD organise a p*ss up in a brewery

Another weekend, another wedding. This time the venue was a brewery in rural Lincolnshire. We get around with a little help from our friends. 

Although it's right next door and although I've ventured in and around the county, I've never really felt like I had a feel for it, so I enjoyed the journey, just looking out of the car window and taking it all in. 
Lincolnshire is big on farming. The land is flat and open, while the sky is big. And practically every village ends with the suffix -by: Candlesby, Salmonby, Grimsby, Spilsby, the list goes on. What does that tell you? It tells you that this is VIKING country: -by originally meant a farmstead, but the places grew into villages and towns, taking the suffix with them.

The villages and towns are very pretty, mainly Georgian with lovely little period high streets. Everywhere there are little red brick cottages with jaunty paintwork.
We stayed in Skegness, also known as SkegVegas because of the amount of entertainment arcades, or just plain Skeg, which I think is used as a descriptor.
It's considered a joke in bad taste by many. The coastal town that they forgot to close down. But lights like that always get me a bit excited. I guess I just got in the wrong queue when they were handing out good taste. 
The town strapline is 'it's bracing' and this is the figure which demonstrates that fact. 

That's what I look like on the dance floor when they play 'Dancing Queen'. 
The last time we went to a wedding, dear Helga said in her inimitable fashion, 'What the buggery did you WEAR darling?!' so this is for you! We went as twins. His 'n hers matching Hawaiian jumpsuit and shirt. 
I made that little handbag out of some spare fabric when I made alterations to another Hawaiian jumpsuit.
Rock a hula everyone!


Hannapat said...

Linconshire is such a beautiful part of the country and I really enjoyed the little tour and all the gorgeous buildings. Love your Hawaiian dress, it is fab and I am sure it was a big hit with your his and hers outfits. Thank you so so much for all your lovely comments on my blog. You really touched my heart when I read them last night. Thanks for being such a sweetie!! Much love you gorgeous gal! xoxo

Fiona said...

Lovely snapshot of Lincolnshire, I've never been there but my maternal grandfather came from Gainsborough. I love the look of that cottage with the wisteria scrambling up the side of the house and the mismatched pots and statuary outside. Your Hawaiian number is fabulous..I'm sure you must have been the most glam guest there. Thanks for your comment, ha no not trying to recreate anything from my past but I am partial to a bit of cheerful tartan in winter. x

Vix said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Wow! We really were twins! that dress is fabulous on you and I adore the green mules and turquoise nails. Q looks splendid.
Other than a wedding in Grimsby back in the 1980s, I've never been to Lincolnshire. I had no idea about Vikings or the -by. You are a constant source of education. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Curtise said...

Ahhh, Tan and Q, the rock-a-hula babies! That Hawaiian jumpsuit is a beauty, doesn't that fabric just make you happy to see it? And Q's shirt is delicious - wouldn't he allow a frontal shot? (That sounds ruder than I intended...)
You've made Lincolnshire look very appealing; I love Lincoln as a place but find the countryside just so flat and featureless. But yes, pretty little villages, Viking history, and a coastline, so not all bad then! Haven't been to Skeggy in many a year, do you think Morissey was thinking of it when he wrote Every day is like Sunday?
So are there any shots of you on the dance floor, grooving to Dancing Queen? Go on, show us!
Happy, happy birthday, love! xxxx

Claire said...

we visited Skegness when I lived up that way, I don't really remember it to be honest! I live by the sea now and we have a few arcades still...but not as many as when I was a teenager, I often think what do the kids do these days, as we all hung out at the arcades in the evenings, it's where I first met my hubbie!

Helga said...

Darling, you got into the RIGHT queue! I know, because I was just behind you!
SQUEE! How gloriARSE you twins are!!! Perfectly celebratory, perfect for a wedding. Your jumpsuit is HOT!!! I love the wee bag, too.....and your shoes and toes are DIVOON!
Viking country! That excites me. I had no idea a suffix of "by" had anything to do with it??? Missing a few history lessons, I am. It's pretty fecking gorgeous, that's what it is, viking bones or no.
In NZ we have AshVegas (it's shitsville, and has the highest rate of suicide in the country), RotoVegas(not sure why) and InverVegas (it's the asshole of the country).......

Connie said...

Oh me oh my oh! You look very beautiful in your Hawaiian dress. How festive. Aloha!! I'm actually loving all things Tiki at the moment! And I didn't know that about by endings. Very interesting. And those blue windows. So so pretty. I'm gushing, aren't I? I'm diggin' the Dancing Queen. Young and Sweet.

Ivy Black said...

Rock-a -hula lovely! A stunning frock that is. Hope you had a fab birthday today.

ric-rac said...

You look fab. LOVE the ress : ) x

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous love the green shoes with it to. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I am waiting for someone to hand you a string of flowers now to go with it :-) dee xx

mispapelicos said...

Fabulous dress,wonderful to beat the winter cold weather. You are wonderful and it is so lovely when you take me in your adventures.
Have a fabulous Sunday, dear friend.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

When Hubby saw the pics of SkegVegas he piped up "scrubs up alright doesn't it? Had some of the worst holidays there". Haaaaa!! It looks glorious actually, I love the coloured doors and windows. You are an absolute drool-fest in your AMAZING Hawaiian frock darling!!! xoxoxox

joyatri said...

So sorry you couldn't join us last Friday. I see that Curtise wished you Happy Birthday. Mine was the 27th. Do we have the same birthday?
I wonder about the backstory on your fabulous Hawaiian frock. Hawaiian clothes are fairly common in the States as people go on holiday there, but I wonder how many Brits used to go all the way to Hawaii for sun and beach.

Vanessa said...

Oooh your photos make me miss Europe. Beautiful!

Krista said...

You look stunning how could you deny us your gorgeousness last time! That dress makes me heart skip beats!!!! I think that Skeg is right up my carnival alley and I would have been right at home with all those lights! It's hard to believe it's the same town during the day. Your handmade bag is pretty sweet too.

Anonymous said...

such lovely pics of the houses xx

me said...

Loving the matching Hawaiian themed outfits - your dress is lovely! Looks like it was a fun time/ adventure. I busted out laughing at the dancing Queen comment...lol.

Annie said...

Fab photos, Tania. You've made the place look very attractive. I've fancied Lincoln for a while now, and maybe this is the year I should get on it!
You look absolutely gorgeous! That must have been a fun wedding.
Happy 2014, and I so look forward to meeting up with you again soon. xxx