Tuesday 1 April 2014

Let them eat fresh vegetables!

I know what you're thinking. Anyone with rainbow fingernails must lead a VERY glamorous life.

And you'd be right. Mais oui. I wouldn't lie to you, would I?
A pair of Pinnochios lurking in the undergrowth. There's a clue there.

So, instead of thinking that these little jobs I do are menial, I prefer to daydream, a la Marie Antoinette. She frolicked at Le Petit Hameau, I plant seeds in the greenhouse.
This is the top of the garden, the working part where we have the shed, the compost heap, the greenhouse and the vegetable beds.

Of course, I don't want her fate. I read her biography years ago and it seems she was dealt rather a sorry hand. From being sent by an ambitious mother to a foreign court with no friends, to marrying a husband who wasn't interested in her for a long time, to being the victim of fraud and eventually a hate figure for an entire nation before finally losing her head. Forget the fancy frocks, that's no dream existence.

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche! Let them eat cake! Although widely attributed to her, she didn't actually say it.
Purple sprouting broccoli, our first crop. It melts in the mouth

Looks like we're going to be eating sweetcorn and courgettes
No fancy frocks for me today, it's a pair of vintage overalls and a wool cardi, 50p each at the jumble on Saturday. I'm no Madame Deficit!


Curtise said...

Is that some aubretia peeping out between the brickwork? All the purple sprouting and seedlings and signs of life in your garden are fabulous to see, and so are those sweet little Pinnochios. And such elegant rainbow nails, far too neat and tidy for a gardener, how do you manage it?! I know - you get Q to do the dirty work, I bet. Never mind Marie Antoinette, I reckon he's Mellors to your Lady Chatterley. Woo hoo, love in the greenhouse, to hell with the neighbours!
Only you could look so thoroughly adorable in dungarees while planting seeds. It's a gift! xxxx

Ercotravels said...

Great Job!!!

Connie said...

Hi Freckleface, your blog is so much fun and after reading your profile I decided that this is a blog that I want to follow. Love your greenhouse! It must be wonderful to putter around in there enjoying your seedlings and breathing in the fresh smells of Spring. I do hope that you will come visit my blog and maybe even follow me back. I enjoy making new friends and experiencing real day to day life in other country's. So much more real than the travel brochures :)
Have a lovely weekend.
Your new blogging sister, Connie

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm getting all excited about the seedlings, your greenhouse, purple broccoli, the lovely garden and your new garden wear. Pink top and fab dungarees - YES!! You could make those dungarees, then go all Kirstie Allsop and market them for 100 squids a pair and you'd be set for life. Or, you could continue being fab and mysterious, pottering away so elegantly. Kirstie can go jump. Hugs xoxoxoxo

Vix said...

Look at you, sneaking in with a cheeky post again! Love your jumbling, garden outfit and that delightful pink sink unit. You're making me feel very guilty for not starting my seedlings yet, is it too late? Is there still hope for us?
Loving the decadent rainbow nails and those cute Pinnochios. xxx

Ivy Black said...

Ha! I love rainbow nails and I know that you are a very glam lady even whilst pottering. Look at you getting ahead with your sowing. I've done naff all...I must get on with it. I always felt sorry for Marie Antoinette, poor cow. Bad press all the way I feel.
Have a fab weekend.

Fiona said...

So sorry Tanya, your blog seems to have disappeared from my reader somehow which is why I haven't commented for ages....you must have thought I was a right miserable old bag. Your purple sprouting looks miles better than Waitrose's! Nasty's and cue's are a dream to grow and I love your sink unit, my nan had one just the same. Going to catch up with the rest of your posts now. xx

Kylie said...

I just ditched a pair of 80's denim overalls my youngest daughter didn't want anymore - seeing you looking so cute in yours make me wish I kept them!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Tanya,

Perhaps you were indeed Marie Antoinette in a previous life? After all, the rainbow finger nails would surely have been her style and, if the greenhouse was just a tiny bit bigger we can well imagine your pottering about in there in a crinoline. Zut alors!

Although you have a rainbow of colours, you really do seem to have green fingers with so many little seedlings already pushing through the soil. Spring is such a wonderful time of hope and promise and who could not have a smile on their face as they stand at the pretty pink sink unit merrily planting! Happy days.

We have found you by accident in the labyrinth of the Blogosphere and have had such fun reading past posts. We have signed up as followers!

Anonymous said...

Your planting efforts look impressive! Rainbow fingers are obviously as good as green fingers! Xx

Krista said...

I adore you little green house! This is what I need! Oh how I would love to get dirty in the garden right now! Rainbow nails might not be a sign of a glamorous life but they are the sign of a happy beautiful person:) That's you lil lady.

Connie said...

Well aren't you living la vie francaise! Formidable!

Helga said...

Ooo, we've planted some broccoli for the first time! I've been very excited to pick my own beans and spinach so far, and will likely pee myself when I get a great big hunk of broccoli to carry back into the house!
Lovely rainbow nails, Marie Antoinette would have loved them!
I love you!