Wednesday 11 June 2014

Your aunt Millicent died and left you a portion of her wardrobe

Is it me or is there a 1930s vibe in the air?

We have Desiree as the beautiful bohemian artist, Helga as Mademoiselle X, the most irresistible figure of the Resistance, and then there's delightful Lally bringing a marvellous exoticism to the proceedings.

So when I saw I capture the Castle a few weeks ago, I felt as frisky as you please. I needed to dress up in period. I went straight to my dressing up trunk. Do not stop. Do not pass Go.

The 1930s were my first vintage love, back when I was a slip of a girl. I bought this beautiful silk satin bias cut dress for £4 at my first ever visit to Glastonbury (or Pilton as we used to call it) in June 1984. It's Madeleine Vionnet all the way. I wore it a lot.

This outfit of a jumpsuit and cardigan worn by Rose inspired what I wore when we went to Sheffield. I prefer the character of Cassandra, but Rose definitely gets the best clothes.

There's my favourite actress, Vivien Leigh as my namesake Titania in 1937. I wore this 1930s floral printed chiffon dress to the private view of my final project at Art School in 1988.

Can you guess what I'm doing here?

That's right, I'm saying 'Pool boy, go and make me some tasty tea!'

He's a good fellow. Beetroot tart with thyme and garlic roasted tomatoes.
There's something rather 1930s about foxgloves. Very English cottage garden and often in those watercolour children's illustrations of the time.

Finally, here is Vivien in 1938 as Aurora by Angus McBean.

I look like the lights are on but nobody's home. That's not quite right, I was actually concentrating on getting my arms right. And thinking about beetroot tart.


Curtise said...

Oh you do look beautiful, Tania! Like a glamorous 1930s movie star, so elegant and delicious! Your silk bias cut dress is a dreamy piece of boudoir chic, and the Titania chiffon frock is stunning. How is it you have never shown us these delectable items before, hmmm? Holding out on us, I'd say.
Now, Pool Boy is doing a grand job. Have you got another one you can send over here to make my tea?
Ooh, I don't know if you are more like Aurora rising through the clouds, or a Botticelli Venus rising from the ocean - either way, you're a goddess. Beautiful you! xxxx

Anonymous said...

You look glorious in that 1930's floral dress. Suits you to a T! Love the 30s theme. Very glam xx

mispapelicos said...

I love how you create magic, my dear friend, ahhhhhhhhhhh
You made me feel like running to my wardrobe and find new and exciting things to play with
Thank you for the wonderful inspiration

Vix said...

You look so beautiful here, ITV need to snap you up to star in Poirot if they ever decide to do the remake.
That satin slip is a stunner and we experienced the wonder of that jumpsuit for real. Fancy still having your art school frock, too.
No wonder pool boy is so attentive with the lady of the house looking so darned elegant. xxxxxx

Fiona said...

I never did get to see that film but think I would love it. You look stunning in your satin dress, I'd never fit anything I bought thirty years ago...all ghastly 80's stuff anyways, so no loss there. Your beetroot tart looks much more appetizing than Hugh's. xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oooh Tania, you look gorgeous in those stunning frocks and I always love a glimpse of your beautiful home. I don't know what happened but I don't appear to be following you anymore *baffled*. I'll re-follow you tout de suite. Have a lovely week. xx

Helga said...

You GLORIARSE minx!!! There most certainly IS a whiff of the thirties in the air! I could never wear the frocks, but have always loved them, and harbored a desire to have a country house and hold parties a la Gosford Park! A touch of the hair thrills me no end!
I'm rather jealous of your scrumptious frocks, and you are delicious in them!!
Beetroot tart forever!

Connie said...

Oh the 1930's. They did slinky so well. You look absolutely gorgeous. Just as Vivien Leigh as can be. Must be the beetroot.