Friday 6 June 2014

Sunday Girl

The perfect Sunday can take different forms, but for me, there are certain key components.

Firstly, you get up when the world is sleeping, creep into your car and enjoy quiet roads while you travel out into the near countryside. You park in a field and seek out treasure! Do you know what I'm talking about?

Yep, it's carbooty!
This lady's stall was amazing. I bought three things from her. I was tempted by more, but didn't take enough cash. 

The first thing, a vintage port box which has now found its place as a bedside table. That little Dortmund ornament was a present from Vix.

When you get back, you have breakfast in the garden and think about how to incorporate all your new treasures into the house.

Then you potter about doing bits of jobs. Hang washing out in the sunshine. Catch up with family on the phone. Mow the lawn, cut flowers from the garden to put all around the house, that kind of thing.

After that you need a bit of lazy time, doing not very much, wearing no make up, and something comfortable. In this case a Hawaiian house dress. It looks a bit Hattie Jacques on, but is that such a bad thing? You eat tasty treats. A nice fresh lunch, savoury snacks in the afternoon, followed by a slap up tea. Cooked by him, of course.
The remains of a snack on a picnic table is the second thing bought from the aforementioned stall. The tambourine with gypsy girls dancing across it is the third thing.

A detail from the picnic tray. 
A miniature Sicilian wedding cart
Finally, you watch a film, with a glass of wine, and then roll into bed at a nice reasonable hour, so you wake up ready to face the week. 

What about you? What are your hot tips for a perfect Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Well, tell you what, yours sounds like the perfect Sunday to me with all my favourite components in it :)).
That photo of you with your spectaculars on leaning forward on the lounger in the garden looks so lovely. Not a hint of Hattie. Xx

Fiona said...

Sounds perfect to me too. Great buys at the carbooty. Love the crate and the tin table, my nan had one similar. Hattie Jacques ?!! Did you see that drama about her, I had no idea she had such an unorthodox marriage. x

Curtise said...

Ahh, that does sound like the recipe for a wonderful Sunday. Mine always involve taking two of the kids for swimming lessons, which spoils the relaxed vibe a tad...
Love your car booty, that lady's stall was right up your street! The crate looks great (ha, poetry) as a bedside table, and the tray table and tambourine are gorgeous finds. Your house and garden are so pretty, Tan, and you swanning about in your Hattie frock are just a picture of loveliness.
Food always tastes better when made by someone else, I find. Which doesn't say much for my cooking... But it's bliss to be waited on. Well done, Pool Boy - give him a raise, Princess T-T! xxxx

Connie said...

Except that I never go shopping on an empty stomach, this is the PERFECT day!!! Don't you just love being the first one up in the morning? Pure Bliss. You are a natural beauty!

Vix said...

Now you've got me itching to get to the boot sale and I've got two whole days to wait!
I know the high of finding treasure, the low of not having enough money, the excitement of getting it home and on display or in the washer, too.
Love the Hawaiian frock, your tin table and your pretty blooms. I haven't got a tambourine but have maracas and castanets, shall we start a blogging band?
That cart is insane in a fabulous way.