Saturday 31 May 2014

I'm multi-passionate!

We've had some amazing Spring weather this year and the garden is blooming. The broccoli has bolted. He was about to pull it all out when we came across an article telling us about edible flowers. Since then these flowers have been a rich and delicious source of decorative topping for salads and for snacks as I pass in the garden. We have nasturtiums, but I'm on the hunt for some marigolds and violas for that swanky restaurant feel this summer.

That's Sideshow Bob there on the left, mid hair cut. I like to pretend the front garden is a meadow. I think that choice tends to be more popular with the wildlife than the humans. They say ironic things, like 'I like what you've done with the place'. I say thank you enthusiastically. I'll take a compliment whether it's intended or not. Oh look, there's a lone viola. You know how that story's going to end.
I've been out and about, most recently to a most amazing conference created by the one and only Serena. I'm not quite sure when she sleeps, or even actually, if she does.
Venetian mirrors, gilt furniture and velvet walls. I love a posh ladies room. The lady herself.

The conference was aimed at multi-passionate women. I know, I hadn't heard of it before.  Multi-passionates are people who enjoy and are inspired by a lot of different things and who get a bit itchy and scratchy about the idea of a very linear path, you know, one job for life then a steady retirement. Which fits with me, because I've taken quite a scenic route around a career and don't think I'm done yet. It's sort of like Ants in Your Pants for grown ups. Turns out, it's OK to change your mind and play with things, and you don't have to settle down and eat the same dinner every Monday.
Em's bag goes everywhere with me these days. That's in the hall of mirrors. 

It leads on to thinking about your personality type and what it is that is your special talent and then finding a way of channeling that to make a living for you whilst you are living the dream. The keynote speaker, Marianne Cantwell, has managed to do that in a way that allows her to travel and live in amazing places throughout the year whilst running an online coaching business. It was very inspiring and has given me a lot to think about. I am ready for a change, but I just need to figure what that is going to look like.

Naturally, since it was created by Serena, the conference took place at a beautiful venue. Instead of name badges, there were wild foraged corsages, because that way you had to talk to people to find out their name. I put my social head on and waded in. It was great fun and I met some lovely women.

It felt like the first step on a journey. I wonder where it will lead.


Anonymous said...

First step on a journey sounds v exciting! Good luck! It is always inspiring to meet other people who make us think about where we could be xx

Curtise said...

I love your wild flower meadow of a garden, and Sideshow Bob! Are nasturtiums peppery-tasting? I think I have had them, but I might be mixing them up with something else. It happens... Your food always looks so beautiful, Tania - I am not good at presentation. Basic, as-it-comes, that's me.

The conference looks fabulous, what an opulent venue, and the corsages are a delightful touch. Serena is incredible, she not only looks like a supermodel but achieves so much. Look at you, beautiful in orange (did you make the dress?) with Em's fabulous bag.

Personality type? Special talent? Oh dear, I'm not sure where that would lead me. Sitting on my arse drinking wine and talking, probably, but I don't think I can make a living doing that. I am fascinated by what road you might be about to travel, Tania. Keep us posted! xxxx

Fiona said...

Oh bum. Curtise has beat me to it and said pretty much what I had in mind. Is the dress a Tania creation ? (it's lovely) Your grub looks gorgeous and so does your meadow-y garden. The conference venue looks very grand indeed and the corsages look as if they could've come from your very garden. x

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I LOVE that garden and also that cool fountain! It looks like you had a lot of fun at the conference :) I can't wait to read more about your journey!

Vix said...

Sideshow bob, the garden and that salad absolutely rock. I always think of that chap in Monsoon Wedding who was always eating the marigolds from the garlands when I see flowers in salads. They look gorgeous but I don't know whether I can bear to eat one.
Love Serena's corsages, ethos and your tablecloth dress. The thought of adhering to a set path terrifies me, I get anxious knowing I've got a calendar more of less booked up until mid-September. I like surprises.

Connie said...

Sideshow Bob. That's perfect. I'm going to start naming the plants in my garden. Perhaps if I anthropomorphize them they will get a little more attention from me. Wow! I want to be multi-passionate! I always thought I just had a short attention span. Tania, I can't wait to see what comes out of all of this. You are most certainly a girl of many many talents and skills. And thank you for the supportive comment on my last post. I hate to be such a downer but this is a big deal issue for me. XXOO

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

When I was a kid I used to graze on Mum's begonias she had edging her enormous rose bed. I can tell you now, the red ones are the most succulent and whenever I walk past a plant shop, garden, anywhere with red begonias, I must graze. The kids think I'm being naughty, I think I'm teaching them about bush tucker ;). Your garden is my paradise. Gawd your frock with Em's bag in that glorious location! xoxox

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Oh I really could've done with visiting that conference! We should compare edible flower notes soon xxx

Helga said...

Feck me, that bit about multi passionate women is JUST what I needed to read...o, yeah, baby, ch ch ch changes!! Need to happen! You too?! Fantabularse!!!
We have a riverbed theme for our front yard!!! I like the meadow idea, and we tried that, but the riverbed is even easier...doesn't draw much comment, I must say. I guess if I got hold of my dream Easter Island head garden ornament it would.
Look how gorgeous you are in your orange frock! Swanky venue-I expect the kitchens had loads of flowers for strewing swankily over salads!!!