Sunday 4 May 2014

May the 4th be with you - a blogger's guide to Sheffield

I can think of no better way to see the country, than through a series of blogging days out. In 2013 I did Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, West Midlands and Wales. Yesterday I added to my repertoire by joining the most lovely group of women for a day out in South Yorkshire. Sheffield to be precise. Famous for stainless steel, snooker and being the home of our Curtise!
Sheffield does municipal architecture rather well. Here we are at a vintage fair in the beautiful interior of the town hall at the top of the staircase. It was like being in Downton Abbey.
Tilly's North Wing. We awarded it best in show. There's Sandra modelling for us.

Porn stars, mojitos and chips. That's what bloggers have for luncheon. Just in case you were wondering. Krista was with us at the table and we all wore pink in her honour. Lipstick and jewellery in my case.

We weren't chatted up by any of the inmates at Wetherspoons. Most peculiar. But thankfully the natural order was restored when Vix was papped by this blogger. Phew, still got it!

Sandra, Sara, smiles and Sheffield stainless steel sculpture.

The muses
Who's that girl? That's Em looking like a film star
Our own tropical bird of paradise, Vix, in her new flamenco top.
Gisela with her cheeky monkey bag and smile.
The one that got away. Curtise should have been wearing this to date night last night. She and the girls looked marvellous in it.

Psychedelic prints and plenty of chatter. So much to say you can hardly fit it all into one day. We need another!
Only five of them. There were seven of us!
Told you the municipal architecture was good. They have done some fantastic regeneration in Sheffield. The area surrounding the building is particularly lovely, with open spaces, sculptures and the winter gardens.
Enjoying a drink in the spring sunshine before we all went off in different directions. There were presents and purchases, but that's for another day.

Which part of the country will we visit next? Watch this space!


Curtise said...

You took loads of photos, how did you manage that? I was hopeless, too busy yakking, as usual. (And pulling faces and shutting my eyes, if your pics are anything to go by - can't take me anywhere. I'll start moaning about my feet in a minute...)
Oh I agree, a day is never long enough, is it? There's so much to talk about and look at, chips to eat and cocktails to drink, we need an extended version!
Some really fab and funny photos, Tan, I love seeing the different takes on the day. I do wish I could have bought that frock, but it's OK, I can swan around in the one you gave me - slip or no slip, what do you reckon?! Woo hoo!
A tour of the UK via blogger meet ups is a fine idea. Where next indeed? Just as long as it happens before too long, please!
PS. Funniest line of the day; you wondering which of us the gay man fancied most. I'm chuckling about that even now! xxxxx

Fiona said...

Sounds like an amazing day, isn't Sheffield wonderful? So much to see and do and the architecture is magnificent. Love all the objets d'art made from recycled cutlery and look at Vix' stomach - washboard sickening!

Connie said...

You are tho thilly. And aren't meet ups the best? Honestly makes me want to hop on a plane for the next one. Great photos, Tania.

Vix said...

You sneaky little snapper! How on earth did you manage to take all those photos and keep us entertained all day? You're a blogger day out pro, that's what you are!
What a fab time we had, the sun shone on us, Sheffield was gorgeous and despite being stood up by Jarvis and not copping off with a frisky inmate (ha!) in the 'spoons we had a top day.
Still tittering at you running after the scary man whistling at his dog.
Where next? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of you all and the artwork around Sheffield. Like the silver piece next to Curtise and the Russian dolls. Another successful bloggy day out xx

Ivy Black said...

Yep...I was laughing about that on the train!! Bloody brilliant!
Lovely post and photos Tan. Sheffield is a gorgeous city. It was great to see you all and wherever it is I always feel at home. So...where next?

Mrs. D said...

Great post, it was such a great time!
Like Curtise said, you did take loads of photos! I took a few but some of them I think most of the girls won't want me posting them. I think I wasn't blessed by the gods of photography that day... it was either that or the effects of the hangover hahaha

Annie said...

You all look fabulous, and Sheffield looks great. I was so sorry to miss out this time. See you soon.
Annie xxx

Annie said...
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Helga said...

SO much FABULARSE!!!! And didn't you do well, taking so many wonderful pix!!!! It's the kind of day I dream're all so fecking wonderful and looked like Goddesses!!!!! Jealousy OOZING from my every pore.

Sue said...

You lovely ladies look like you had a brilliant time together. Such get togethers must be the best of fun. I like the gift swapping that you do!!

Peaches McGinty said...

It really was a brilliant day out! it was great to meet you! Jarvis has been forgiven for not turning up, he wouldn't have got a word in edgeways anyhow! and it would have felt wrong to share a porn star with him x x x

Krista said...

I love what you wore! Sorry had to get that out straight away. Your pictures are as juicy good as they get. I love your take on the day. I think the best thing about days like this is getting to know other women, laughing, and just being in the moment. I love that I was there with you gals, you have no idea how much that lifted my beat down self. I really can't wait to give you a big ole hug in person.