Monday 12 May 2014


Have you been into my sitting room recently? Well, you must.

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly...

Here I am, all togged up after a day in Sheffield, seeing the gals. Look friendly, don't I? Girl next door. Like butter wouldn't melt..

That's a me-made jumpsuit. I dunnit. I call it a cut-and-shut, because the bodice is from one recipe and the trousers from another. As anyone who makes clothes knows, the pattern doesn't always fit, so you have to do a bit of jiggery pokery. In this case, the bodice was a bit large so I did a bit of a pleat thing, finished off with a brooch at the neckline. 

It'll do. 

Unless of course you think differently?

You might be able to just see my game of monopoly there on those shelves. As kids we played a lot of board games including Cluedo. I'm quite a fan of the detective genre to this day. I'll happily watch any of them from Scandi-psycho-thriller to Miss Marple.

So, when I was recently described by the lovely Em, as looking like a murderess in Colombo, I was secretly rather tickled! How did she know?
Turns out it was Miss Scarlett, with a candlestick, in the lounge.

That's the fabulous Peter Bettley 1970s hat Gisela gave me, and here's a flash of the killer skirt Curtise gifted. Hot pink tights. Must have been a crime of passion!

 Look at all my other gifts!

There's a beautiful tote bag, owl appliques, a pin cushion and flower seeds from Em. No deadly nightshade I notice.

Windmills, a tennis dress pattern and a Deauville lady plaque from Vix, a tote bag from Sara, a sex kitten eye mask for when I need to break into houses in disguise from Curtise and some pink wine from Sandra.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

To those people to whom I owe comments, I've been away. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Rest assured, I'll drop by soon.

I know where to find you.


Curtise said...

You don't scare ME! You might look like a Columbo murderess in that hat (my 1970s green hat is a Peter Bettley too!) but I'm not convinced you're the killing kind, Tan! Although on second thought, you are wielding that candlestick rather menacingly... I take it back. I think you really could be Miss Scarlett.

I adore your jumpsuit, and if I pluck up the courage, I might try a similar cut-and-paste job myself. Got to make those flares first, to practice.
I love seeing your beautiful colourful home too, there are so many gorgeous details and nooks and crannies that I want to coo over.
So pleased you like the skirt, and didn't we do well? So many fab pressies. I don't think I saw that tote bag from Em, it's wonderful.

Now step away from the weapons, Princess Tan-Tan, there's no need for any violence... xxxx

Vix said...

I hate to get on the wrong side of you so I'm just nodding and agreeing with you, love!
What a delightful peep at your gorgeous house, at first sight I thought you were in mine and you'd just moved some of the stuff around -our taste is scarily alike, isn't it?
Having seen that jumpsuit I can testify that's its as flipping gorgeous as you are and that that hat suited you to a tee.

Anonymous said...

You are seriously rocking the leading lady in a whodunit sis! I love it! Miss Scarlett, step aside!
You have done a great job with the jumpsuit. Xx

Mrs. D said...

Lovely home you have, but of course it had to match you, isn't it? The cuckoo clock wall reminds me of my own that I left back in Lisbon, boo hoo!
That blue dress is so pretty too!

Ivy Black said...

Hah! You are the English Rose that does a nasty, coniving boss in and Columbo is very taken with you and doesn't really want to arrest you. You leave the room on his arm. In my other life I am a Crime Writer.
You wear taht hat so well.
I am such a nosey cow and I enjoy a look around houses..gorgeous room petal, and it is comforting to know that I'm not theonly one with dolls dotted about on random shelves.

Unknown said...

Wow, wow, wow your house is AMAZING! I absolutely adore it! Also loving the vintage jumpsuit(make your sister one). She would look great.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

CUCKOO CLOCKS!!!!!!!!! The photographer that snapped off the interiors pics at Vix's place should have been sent to your's pronto! Your lounge room is so glorious Tania!!! What a beautiful, relaxing, cozy, vibrant, inspiring space to spend time in. And oh my your Franken-Jumpsuit is an absolute joy to behold - hooray for slapping two patterns together to create such a glorious work of art - the fabric is fabulous! I'm a die-hard crime-thriller junky - I'll pop over and we can catch on some Endeavour together OK? In your sitting room of course. I'll bring the Jaffa Cakes. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Helga said...

Phwaor, you can murder me anytime, baby!!!! You hot minx,neither butter nor belladonna would melt in that lovely mouth!
Jaysus, the jumpsuit is to DIE for!!! (boom, BOOM!). Nice job. Gawd knows I've saved a few things with some judicious gathering and cover ups. Who cares? Who would actually know??
So much prettiness! You got some great loot, and I love your lovely, funky house! The pom poms on that chair make me moist!
Squidgey love!

Connie said...

Well you may know how to find me but I can't always find you. Blogger has hidden you in the attic with Colonel Mustard. Seriously, I often can't find your blog which makes me sadder than sad BUT here you are today looking quite chic and foxy in your you-made jumpsuit. Love the fabric. Love you in it. So fun to take tours of excellent houses. Yours is fab. You're cuckoo about music. Right? Gosh I loved playing Clue!!

mispapelicos said...

You live in paradise, dear friend. I do hope to visit you one day.
Love and sunshine ALWAYSSSSSSSSSS
Don´t forget to join Share-i-Style: Red this Saturday. It wouldn´t be the same without you.

Lally said...

Ooo! Just found your blog, love it! Hat looks gorge! Love those cuckoo clocks too X

Lally said...

Oh your blog is fabulous!! I love your living room and that jumpsuit is a dream. Loving that amazing hat too! X

freckleface said...
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Fiona said...

I do love a sticky beak around houses and yours looks like a beaut. Loving the cuckoo clock wall, the pom-poms and the Tretchikoff of course. We used to play Cluedo loads when I was a kid, can't remember any of the 'weapons' apart from lead piping. Gorgeous gifts from the girls, bloggers are so generous eh?