Friday 7 November 2014

Sometimes in a daydream

Sometimes I just like wandering round my house and taking photos. Rampant wanderlust aside, I'm a home bird at heart.

I often think it would be quite fun to be an interior stylist. Putting things together to look pretty. Obviously I'm ignoring the whole getting up early, travelling and lugging things about part of the job.

But of course, that's the beauty of daydreaming, you cut out the bits you don't fancy.
I've finally sewn those pompoms onto that chair. As we all know, pompoms make everything better.

We stayed in a gite over the summer, which was decorated in black, white and grey in a very spartan way. There was no pleasure in being there. I pined for colour and cosiness and visual interest.

I got that little pink bowl in Sienna market, in Tuscany. Whenever I go abroad I treat it like the Grand Tour, finding knick knacks to bring back. Who am I kidding, I do it on day trips here in the UK too!

So, when you are daydreaming, what do you think it would be nice to do for a job?

By the way, you're a clever lot! Apparently the difference between a cloak and a cape is that a cloak is longer and has a hood, whilst a cape is shorter and doesn't.


mondoagogo said...

Ooh I do love having a nose around other people's homes... That chair looks so comfy, and I love the cushion.

I know what you mean about visual interest and colour -- houses which show the residents' lives and interests just seem to feel more welcoming than those minimally chic monochrome so-called stylish places which just all look the same.

Fiona said...

Now having serious pom-pom envy...mine are still in the plastic bag! Your chair looks delicious and I love that cushion btw, I'm guessing it's one of your own creations? Have you been watching the Design Challenge then?
Bringing knick-knacks back from foreign parts is de rigueur darling!

Connie said...

You would be an amazing stylist. Cheerfulness and beauty abound. Although I used to work in an interior design shop and the stylists would often complain about what stick-in-the-muds their clients were. They rolled their eyes and sighed a lot while shopping. You're too nice and creative to be pushed around by dullard clients. As for my job, I've always dreamed of being a costume designer and on my days off a forest ranger!

Sarah Jane said...

Love seeing pics of people's homes. Your chair is fabulous. More please! X

Krista said...

I picture your house be so cute and colorful and welcoming! I'm a home body at heart too, I think it's a sign you love your home:)
Ideal job hmmm I guess it would be doing anything I love and being able to make s good living at it!

Connie said...

Well, your blog just popped up on Bloglovin. How nice! And I re-read my comment and OMG. What a downer I am! If you want to be an interior decorator, DO IT. The fabulous people will find you. Meanwhile, your art work is amazing. I think you can do anything well. I really do!

Sue said...

Pom Poms rule! They should be attached to as much as possible.

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous, colourful home. I cold just sit in that chair and have a cuppa now. My pompoms are still waiting to me sewn on. You could be a stylist for sure. I reckon most of your photos would have that 'vase/cushion/painting Stylists own' tag for every shot though.
I know what you mean about colour too. Have to have it everywhere.
Lotsa love.

Curtise said...

Oh yes, you would be a fantastic interiors stylist, Tania, the shots of your home prove that. Colour and character and beauty wherever you look! Black, white and grey? Ugh, no thanks.
Love the be-pom poming of your chair. You need more, you know you do!
I can't think of a single job that I would like to do, even when day dreaming... I think that means I am a terribly lazy arse! Xxxx

Vix said...

Those Pom Poms look divine! Did I tell you that the man with the trimmings stall is now a Facebook friend? He'll be showing your chair to all his customers, like he did our blogger day out!
I can't imagine a monochrome interior, it sounds like a nightmare. Your home style deserves its own magazine column, you've got such a great eye.
My daydreaming never involves work! xxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

Pom-poms really do make everything better, should be on the NHS really, ha!- your home is gorgeous, I do like a nosey round - I try spartan every now and again, I don't know why? I'm not a fan, it just looks cold and empty - I love daydreaming, currently I am capable of making couture (delusional much) x x x

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love that cushion on the chair. I wish you a great weekend :)

mispapelicos said...

I have to have a cup of tea in your nice home one day, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Love the cushionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Helga said...

I think you have an eye for interior design, and would be quite wonderful at it!
Gah, in my daydreams, I would be paid handsomely just for being me!!! I've never had any idea of a dream career.
Pom poms DO make everything better, and jeez they suit that chair!!! I am lacking in the pom pom department, dammit.