Friday 4 September 2015

A stitch in time

Do you ever find being a grown up is a bit flippin' dull? Too many jobs to do, not enough fun to be had?
I've been making shortbread this year. Delicious.
My To Do list is a right little dictator. When it's not looking, I manage to squeeze in a bit of what I fancy. And that usually involves eating, drinking, sleeping or making things.
Red and black currants from the allotment combined make a lovely jam
My first ever batch of homemade scones, with our homemade jam. A cream tea is a must at some point in the summer

One of the things I will most miss about the summer, is the ready supply of fresh flowers from the garden
Just as the summer has decided to turn the lights off and vacate the building, I've started making summer wear. I don't give up that easily. My most frequent phrase during the month of September is 'Indian Summer'. In the early days I say it in a jaunty, optimistic tone of voice. Upbeat. By about the 15th, if there's no sunshine I start to waver, but we're not there yet, so it's playsuits all round.
I had a pattern for the shorts, but made the top up as I went along. It turned out OK. That's my best cheesecake pose

I always push it with the fabric, ekeing it out, often sewing bits of fabric together to make a piece big enough to cut a pattern piece out of, but this time I think I've achieved a PB (personal best). Pushed it to the max. There's just about enough fabric left to make a jacket for a mouse.
Once again, my mum was the inspiration for this outfit. Here she is in summer 1966, camping in the Alps, pregnant with me
Also, a while back, I made a bikini! As you do. Well, after a fraught experience in a changing room, I've discovered that vintage bikinis aren't quite cut for my proportions, shall we say. This was a soft as silk curtain from Chesterfield market. It's lined, but yet to see water, so not sure whether it will be like one of those pens where the pin up girl is in a bikini when you hold it one way and butt-naked when you hold it the other way. I'll need to test it out in the bath before I hit the pool. Don't want to be asked to leave. With the leftovers, I made a matching bag.
Hope you are finding the time to squeeze some fun things in amongst all the grown up necessary stuff. Have a great weekend everyone.


mondoagogo said...

swit swoo! Nice playsuit. Think I might make shortbread this weekend...

Sue said...

Holy moly just look at you go you domestic goddess you!! Not only are you whipping up delectable treats in your kitchen from allotment supplies, you are creating fabulousness with your sewing machine. Cheesecake poses and PBs all round. I never give up on Summer, I wear my summer clothes in Winter with layers under and atop. I too miss flowers in Winter, but yay for me, mine are all showing up again. Come to New Zealand for your Winter and our Summer it lasts for MONTHS!!!! You can laze in my garden and I will take you to the beach so you can wear that bikini of yours!!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic in your play suit . What an industrious little thing you are whipping that up plus a gorgeous bikini and bag. The shortbread and scones look delicious : you have been busy! Think I am going to follow your lead and make some shortbread myself today... Hope you manage to keep the list at arm's length over the weekend. Xx

Ivy Black said...

Oooh love! What fabulousness. Yup, I am often sneaking off from my to -do list. I do the ' oh look over there' trick, and when it does, I'm off. I'm off to tea with my matey later on even though the list is bulging. Knickers to it! Adore the playsuit. That is gorgeous fabric and you wear it well, Tan. The off cuts look like an artwork. The bikini and matching bag are adorable. Have a lovely weekend.
If my list comes looking for me, you 'int seen me, right?

Fiona said...

Wowsers, you have been productive! Jam, scones & shortbread... they all look delicious by the way and if that isn't enough she knocks up a quick bikini and playsuit. Is there no end to your talents?
Yes there is a dearth of flowers in my garden now, due in no small part to my total lack of planning when planting... and the bastard slugs. Hope you're having a superb weekend. x

Curtise said...

You made a bikini? You made a BIKINI! How amazing is that! In fact, I am totally impressed with all your makes - the playsuit is fantastic, the scones and homemade jam look delicious, and I now feel like an utter sloth... How do you work two jobs and do all this as well, what's the secret?
Ha, the scraps left over from the playsuit reminds me of The Tailor of Gloucester; any cheeky rodents round your way will be rocking 1950s barkcloth as they wait for this Indian summer you're promising!
Gorgeous pic of your glamorous mum, and as ever, the photos of your home make me want to call in for a cup of tea. And some shortbread too, of course!
PS. That's your Baklash dress, isn't it? Beautiful in blue! xxx

Connie said...

Wheeeeeeeee. It's summertime with Tania! You look so adorable in your jumpsuit. I'm thinking 1960's beach party. And you made your own scones and swim suit. I can't possibly even begin to keep up.

Vix said...

That playsuit and bikini are fantastic! You are a clever thing. I reckon that's what's brought back summer!
How cute in your cheesecake pose and how fab does your Mum look?
I recognise that turquoise sun dress, it's a Baklash number, isn't it? xxx

Helga said...

Being a grown up can suck arse at times!
Jeez, girl, you can sew! Love the playsuit, and a BIKINI! Tasty! I'm slowly doing a bit fo sewing at the moment-I get so distracted!
G is the scone maker in our household, baking isn't my stong suit, unless its muffins and the occasional heavy cake! We aren't bg eaters of baked goods either. Just as well, I'd be MASSIVE! But scones with jam and cream is a lovely treat from time to time.
Indeed, Summer is on the wane for you, and on the rise for us...takes its bloody time though! We won't really good weather until December/January, most likely. Being a small island, it's so unpredictable!

Lally said...

That bikini is masterful! I'm flabergasted that you just whipped it up! Did it survive the bath and make it to the pool? The scones look delish with that jam, you really can't beat homemade can you (although in Cornwall it's always jam then cream - because apparently that's the best bit?!) As for being a grown-up, yes it's totally rubbish sometimes but that's what cream teas are for - cheering up the dull days. XXX