Sunday 13 September 2015

A summer trip to London

Back in August, we went down to London to stay with my little sis in her very stylish flat for a couple of days. Liv's a wonderful hostess and great cook, who keeps the food and drink coming; just how we like it!
She's a bit camera shy, but somehow I managed to get a few snaps...
We spent a bit of time mooching around, a little trip up to Herne Hill and Brockwell Park, with a nice walk home through all the back streets, admiring the lovely old houses and gardens. London's a great city for walking, especially if you have time and it's a summer's day.
This is a park straight from the 1970s, the glory days of English parkland! You could just see that photo on a coaster, couldn't you? Crazy paving and the miniature houses. That's especially for you, Em.
We had tickets to go and see the Elvis exhibition at the O2. I think I'm right in saying this is the biggest exhibition of artifacts they've ever had, outside of Graceland, from whence they were borrowed.
Such a little cutie. Did you know his 3x great grandmother was a full blown Cherokee? Morning White Dove. Isn't that a beautiful name?
Elvis died on my dad's birthday, when I was ten. They immediately scheduled a season of programmes about him including a selection of his films. Our parents let us have the black and white portable TV up in our bedroom, which we plonked on a chair. My sisters and I spent most of the summer holidays laid on our beds, with the curtains closed, kicking our legs, singing along to the songs and debating who fancied him the most.
Pestering the poor fellow in my 1960s Hawaiian jumpsuit. You have to dress the part.

Looks like it was me!
There was some fabulously groovy posters, but the lighting was such that it was difficult to photograph anything well. But look at this one. The girl to the left of Elvis is in a bikini which looks like it's made from exactly the same print as my dress! 

It's a sign. Of what, I just don't know.

I really like what this telegram says about Elvis as a person:

'Dear Colonel

Please convey my thanks to the various groups in Memphis who have suggested a special homecoming for me when I return to Memphis. However I wish to return to Memphis the same way that any other serviceman returns to his hometown, without ceremony or fanfare. I served as they served and was proud to do it. Seeing the city of Memphis, my family, friends and fans will be the most welcome sight in the world to me. I appreciate their kind gesture and know they will understand and I am glad you are in agreement with me on this.'

It was a great exhibition, with a really happy feel to it. There were loads of fascinating things to look at. You heard his voice, both speaking and singing. It felt like a celebration and everyone came out smiling.


Anonymous said...

Viva the King! That was such a wonderful exhibition; it was great to hear his voice again and listen to him speak and sing. And bask in his total gorgeousness of course! The qualities that alway strike me about Elvis are his modesty and his sense of humour.
It was lovely having you to stay. So nice too to have it all captured for posterity by your blog! ���� xxxx

Connie said...

Oh London really is pretty. All that greenery. Oh yes. You very well could be one of those groovy Elvis chicks.

Ivy Black said...

I do love Lahndan. I like to have a good old nose in peoples gardens when I'm coming in on the train from Winchester. There are some beauties. See, that is just what I want in my garden...some miniature houses lining the path and in the undergrowth. I'm sure I have room for a small model village!
I adore Elvis. I can remember my friend Julie and me dancing to his music in my front room for hours on end. I remember exactly where I was when he died; we were driving from a campsite in Holland and the news came on the radio. I always thought Elvis was a gent as well as being the most beautiful man ever. He is very deserving of Tan kiss too and you could defo been an Elvis gal.

Lally said...

Oh what a fun trip. I love those little houses they really do look like they came straight off of a coaster! How fab that you got to visit the King. V.jealous, it looks like a really interesting exhibition. My brother and I were weirdly obsessed with Elvis when we were small (I say weirdly because we were about 30 years out of date!) we spent hours crooning along to his songs, much to my mums annoyance! We used to practice doing the lip curl too but we never mastered it. XXX
p.s so funny about the similar diets. I have often thought that when I've read your posts about food!! X

Fiona said...

Your sister's flat is in a v. swanky area.
I remember when Elvis died too as I was just about to embark on my very first visit to the States and was worried that everyone would be in mourning. Actually, I don't remember anyone mentioning him at all.
Love those films of his. x

Vix said...

In the words of The Wonder Stuff, Never Loved Elvis, but love you smooching with him in your psychedelic jump suited glory. He'd have ditched Priscilla and run off with you in an instant.
Those town houses are gorgeous and that pretty rose arch, too. Did you see that BBC4 documentary on Hyde park from 1971? It seemed like a different world. xxx

Curtise said...

I spy a shy little sis who looks rather like her camera-hogging big sis! How lovely to go and stay, to amble the streets of London in the sunshine, and look how green it all is! Some gorgeous houses there too, and yes, the miniature houses are right up Em's street!
Oh Elvis - wasn't he beautiful in his pomp? That '68 comeback special - woohoo, black leather! His films seemed to be on telly all the time when I was a kid, often over Christmas in the mornings. I watched them in all their kitschy glory, but I don't think I quite appreciated him really. I do now! Have your read Peter Guralnick's two books about Elvis? Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love - they are very good.
You look fabulously psychedelic, smooching away with The King. "And Tan's the name of his latest flame..." xxxx

Sue said...

Wow you and the little sis are alike. Another lovely little tour loved by the kiwi.

Miss Magpie said...

There really are some fabulous places in London to mooch around, I love walking back streets like that playing if money were no object which house would I live in?

We were visiting with my grandparents when Elvis died, I remember it distinctly coming on the radio and then the paper headlines the next day. The exhibition looks fab.

bobbi said...

I've never been a big fan of Elvis but I do like him and can totally understand why so many people, especially girls, would go crazy for him. London look great as always, it's a shame I have never been there as i also have so many friends Living in London!

Mim said...

Your jumpsuit looks fab - the perfect thing to wear to the exhibition.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Stop in from Vixen. Elvis died when I was in high school. Sure glad you enjoyed your visit with your sister.

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