Sunday 15 November 2015

A cheeky day out

Went out, didn't we?
Photo 'borrowed' from Vix, oops, sorry, thank you.

I bought that sheepskin coat on our day out. I thought it might be a bit football manager circa 1976, so I asked Q what he thought. He had two words for me.  Del Boy  :D

Went for a day out to get away from all the boring stuff and have a laugh. It was just what the doctor would have ordered if we'd explained the symptoms:

Too many days spent at work

Too many things getting on our nerves
Not enough boozy lunches
If you've ever wondered how Vix manages to find quite so much vintage, quite so easily, we now know the secret. She has magical powers. She doesn't so much look for vintage as divine for it. It's like Moses with the Red Sea, she just walks into a shop and the hangers on the rails part to reveal treasures. We trot along behind, open-mouthed.

If you suffer from these ailments, what you need is a girly day out.
Sparkling beauty!
Go and chat through your dilemmas, try on something sparkly and fabulous, egg each other on and eat chips for lunch. Then, five minutes after leaving the pub, turn around and go back in again for more wine, just to seal the deal.
The perfect Jean Varon wedding dress, empire line, maribou trimmed and with a train fit for a Queen

I promise, you will feel much better.
Two exciting looking parcels for later in the month and look! A sequined boob tube disco dress from Curtise. Are you all crazily jealous?
Trust me. I'm a blogger.


Curtise said...

I DO trust you - and I can vouch for a cheeky day out as a remedy to many ills! How funny, we've posted at the same time - Vix told me to crack on with it, so I thought I better had! You are right about her witchy powers of divination, she's snaffled two Jean Varon frocks while I was still walking through the door - you've got to be on your toes with that girl!
Didn't we have a lovely time? Putting the world to rights, prancing about in vintage (wasn't here an amazing amount?) and not one but two trips to the pub, ha!
Q is very naughty to mention Del Boy, that's a great coat, not to mention a bargain. I can't quite credit the number of sheepskins we saw, Vix could have bought so much stock if she'd only been able to carry it. I'm kind of regretting that pleated skirt I left behind, I could have shortened it... Oh well, plenty more out there!
I'm looking forward to seeing a video of you and Q doing your best Saturday Night Fever impression - you've got the frock, you've got the moves, and I reckon Q can pull a Travolta, don't you?!
Gorgeous to see you, Tania - let's make sure we book another day, before life gets too much! xxxx

Connie said...

Yes. As a matter of fact I am crazy jealous. Such a fun day. I so happy to see that you wore your groovy orange jumpsuit. And look out for that disco dress. You look gorgeous.

Sue said...

It goes without saying that when the three of you ladies get together all that ails you disappears and the fun begins. A day out with good mates is always the best thing to do, and should be done on a regular basis to maintain the life balance that is required. Disco dress is pretty fancy smancy, I do hope you have been fine tuning your dance moves in it!!

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Tania
It's been brilliant seeing the three of you in action, what a fabulous day out and coming home with lots of goodies. Heaven !
Vix said my ears should have been burning when there was talk of me being in the gang. Wouldn't that be a treat.
I'd be laughing my head off if you three walked in a shop I was in, you must be a beautiful sight to behold, all gorgeously dressed, chatting and giggling. Better than the normal run of boring drab chazzer shoppers.
I've joined your blog gang now so I'll stay tuned.
I'm short on frock shots lately with Mr Dapper Chap being so busy, I will have to have a day doing a photoshoot with the selfie stick and I'm going to have a go at your video thingymebob
Lynn xxx

Anonymous said...

I was eyeing up that coat and thinking, 'trendy'! Looks great on you. Good little purchase.
Those dresses look amazing on C & V.
Looks like another great day out and the perfect remedy for forgetting life's pain in the neck moments xxxx����

Miss Magpie said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again it does my heart good to read about your exploits when you three get together.

Vix said...

Oh, talk about like reliving it all over again! Guess where we've been this morning? (No wedding dress was purchased!)
That little jaunt was just what the doctor ordered, shopping, booze, onion rings and laughs a plenty. Didn't we do well with the purchasing? Did Q like his tweed?
The sheepskin was a fab find, a perfect fit and ideal for wearing home. Can't believe you came out without a coat, you're seriously hardcore.
Curtise's disco dress is gorgeous on you, you little minx. xxxx

Fiona said...

I was thinking John Motson not Del Boy! I don't blame you for buying that coat, I think I'd wear anything that was warm. OK, maybe not that hideous Alsatian fleece that Vix is holding up for the camera. Look at Curtise with bare arms in November....hardcore she is.
Did you have a good old whinge about everything that was getting on your does you good you know. xxx

Mim said...

Heh, it looks like you all had an awesome time.

And being able to walk into a chazza and find vintage is a serious superpower.

Lally said...

Oh it looks like you gals had the best time. I love love your orange jumpsuit, it's utterly fabulous. I think the sheepskin is rather wonderful too but then I'm quite a fan of them what with always living in cold houses (they act sort of like a permanent dressing gown for me!) Girly days are always what the doctor ordered in glum times because what can't be cured by a good chat and a big plate of chips! XXX

Ivy Black said... better tonic is there? You look fabulous in orange and not Del Boy more Cloughie! You went out without a coat?! Hardcoare indeedy.
Glad you had a wonderful could you lot not?

Indigo Violet said...

I notice you are only allowed three items in that changing room -outrageous!