Sunday 1 November 2015

Treasure Tuesday

Two exciting things happened this week.

I got home from work on Tuesday to find one of our friends in, chatting. She was delivering a parcel of treasure for me from another friend who she'd met up with a few days earlier.

What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much lovely Gina! X
Wendy Wales is behaving herself in company, but Claudia Capri is giving a bit of side eye. She'll need to pack that in.
My parcel of treasure included a 1960s shift dress and a 1940s style dress, a polka dot skirt, age unknown, two cardis, a couple of tops, a pair of dolls and some sparkly beaded necklaces!
I've already worn the shift dress, but forgot to take a photo, and the cardigan hasn't been off my back
The very next day I started wearing my goodies; first up the skirt. It's an acetate fabric, handmade. I feel it could be anywhere from the 40s to the 60s, but I just don't know.
Things will look even nicer once they're ironed, but I don't do that type of thing willy nilly. It's purely on a needs basis in this house.
She also delivered an invitation. 'We're going out on Saturday. There's a halloween party on in the pub. We're all dressing up. Are you coming?'
Well, why not?

The party turned out to be an Oasis tribute band with an amp so powerful I could imagine little green men singing along on Mars. Well, if they knew the words.

I stuck tissue in my ears, like the old fogey I am. Mainly we smiled at each other for a couple of hours, and did the odd bit of sign language, but when the band had a break, we did some intensive chatting and agreed to a rematch later on this month.
A disco. We're going to a disco. That's going to need an outfit. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a parcel of goodies dropped off like that. You look great in the skirt.
Your Hallowean effort is amazing. Very Frida Kahlo. Shame about the pub being too noisy to talk.
Disco on the cards? Tania will be hitting that dance floor. Hard xxxx

Ivy Black said...

That's a wonderful parcel of lovelieness. Fabulous shift dress and cardi,mind you it's all gorgeous. And a party! Look at you all. You look amazing and you put me to shame as I wore a small witches had with a spider zip clipped to it. Class.
A disco! I'll bet you;re a demon on the dance floor,Tan.

Miss Magpie said...

wow you look fab, we were out for dinner so I didn't get to fancy dress at all.

I love the 40's style dress, what a fab parcel of joy. x

Curtise said...

Now THAT is a very Tania parcel of treasure - everything is so you!
Loving the shift dress, and I can imagine the aqua cardi is right up your street. Aren't friends who get our tastes just the best?
Look at you and your ghostly pirate Q, all dressed up and ready for tricks and treats! Even if conversation went to the (Wonder)wall, you all looked the business. A rematch, at a disco? How brilliant! That requires full-on 1970s Studio 54 glamour, and I've a feeling you can do that beautifully, Tan!
PS. I was sad about missing Anne Frank's house too, we had planned to go, but hadn't got as far as pre-booking tickets, and the queue was MASSIVE (over 3 hours' wait...) Ah well, just means we'll have to go back, no? xxx

Fiona said...

What a delicious parcel! Cardi's are my best friends at this time of year. Your Halloween make-up is spooktacular, (I know,sorry) shame you couldn't hear yourselves think. A disco rematch sounds great.... will look forward to seeing your outfit. xx

Vix said...

Miss Capri isn't as scary as Miss Wales. That's a classic case of chronic bitchface if you ask me!
What a stupendous parcel, Gina's got your taste down to a tee!
That's some seriously brilliant dressing up. Did you do Q's make-up or he hiding another talent?
Ooh, these bands with their loud music. I can't cope with it any more either. Much easier when it's in a field. xxxx

Sue said...

Oh wow your Halloween outfit was the best. LOVE your face!! Did that take forever to do? A disco, now I haven't been to one of those for quite a few 100 years!! Do enjoy and share your Disco outfit.

Mim said...

Ooooh, that 60s dress! What treasures indeed.

Love your Halloween costumes.

Lally said...

Oh too bad about the band but your outfit is FAB! You get all the points for Halloween get-up of the year. I sadly didn't dress up this year (the first I haven't since probably my birth...!) so I'm enjoying seeing everyone else's outfits! Disco sounds good, can't wait to see the ensemble. XXX