Monday 19 October 2015

Autumn update

A lot of the time I don't have much of interest to share, and therefore don't post, but I've noticed that I still enjoy it when other people post about everyday stuff, so, here's a little catch up, just to say hello.

I had to pop down south last week to deal with some family stuff. My big sis still lives down there so it was a lovely opportunity to go and see her.
My sis works in the cafe at a vintage bazaar. She's always been good with food and is very sociable, so it's the perfect job for her.

After she finished work, we went to visit a relative in hospital. I knew it would be the last time I would see him, so it was the chance to say goodbye. Now he's gone, the last of his generation. As kids we adored him, he always made us scream with laughter. Even to the end, he retained his sense of humour. When the nurse came in, he said with a massive cheeky grin, 'I've got a present for you' and produced his bed pan.
My accommodation and me, the morning after the night before, feeling a little bit delicate. The cheeky tenants took the bathroom mirror with them when they left, so I had to use my ipad as a mirror. Necessity is the mother of invention.
I was staying in my mum's empty house and was a bit worried about how it would be, whether memories of how she was when she was living there would make me sad and keep me awake. I needn't have worried. My sis took me out on a pub crawl. Turns out it wasn't maudlin thoughts which kept me awake, it was the wine headache! But we did have fun. A friend from when we were teens has a wine bar in town, so we ended up there, having a good old laugh with him.
Get home, take shoes off, drink coffee, eat toast, go to bed. There's our newly tiled fireplace in the background there, still getting used to it.
I spotted this dress in the vintage bazaar. It's a paisley maxi dress, probably late 60s or early 70s. I wore it out last Friday night when we caught up with friends for drinks.
Then on Saturday after work, my lovely friend Angela came over, bearing gifts! This mirror belonged to her uncle. When his house was cleared out, she discovered it and thought I might like it. She's not wrong!

Thanks Angel-face! xx


Fiona said...

Lovely to hear from you Tania. Isn't it interesting that I received lovely comments on my post about my humdrum life and no doubt you will too. Perhaps we are all secretly relieved that our blog mates have ordinary lives too? Sorry to hear about your relative, he sounds quite a character. Good that you got to see him one last time and also to spend some drunken times with your sis.

Connie said...

I like reading about every day adventures, too. Well, you certainly know the right people. Connections at the vintage fair, cafe, wine bar and mirror gifters. Not bad. Your dress is a winner. Perfect color and style for you. I often think about whose wardrobe I would like to borrow and I must warn you to keep a lock on your closet if you ever see me coming.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog. Good to see a surprise appearance from The Boss! That dress is stunning on you! Trust you to scoop it up like that.

Mim said...

That's a great maxi dress. Good find, there.

Ivy Black said...

Aha! It's yerself! Hello gorgeous.
I love hearing about everyone's everyday stuff, it's the sort of thing we'd all do if we were sitting together around a big table with a shandy or two.
It's always a poignant staying at the empty family home I think.When I stayed over when we were sorting my grandad's things after he'd gone and I felt like I was in a film for a bit -you'll know what I mean. It's sad when generations pass as well. Still better to be kept awake by a pub crawl headache than by sad thoughts.
What a lovely place to work...cake and vintage.
Love the dress it is you and I don;t think I've ever seem anyone look so stylish eating a bit of toast.

mondoagogo said...

How nice that you got a new mirror to replace the one at your mum's that went missing! Your new tiles look nice too.

It's nice to see everyday stuff.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say : what gorgeous new fireplaces tiles. Very sexy xx

Lally said...

I love reading about people's day to day life! Maybe that's because I'm a nosy parker. I love that dress and I'm glad to see that somebody else in the world likes to drink coffee before bed (everyone else thinks I'm mad for doing so!)
What a delightful gift from your pal, unexpected gifts are the best tonic! XXX

Vix said...

Snap! I'm working on a blog post sharing all the ordinary stuff I get up to when I'm not flouncing around a vintage fair.
The empty parental home. Its a strange one. I'm in the position to sell it now but it's going to be very odd as I can see it from my bedroom window.
Glad your stay in yours wasn't too sad.
The vintage bazaar looks wonderful, what a fab place to work.
How gorgeous do you look after the night before? Not fair! Loving the pink maxi and Angela's opulent mirror. Wouldn't that go a treat with that console table Lord Greystoke had on his stall at Chesterfield market? xxxxx

Curtise said...

We all do everyday stuff, don't we? And we do it every day! All your mates are interested in anything you blog about, Tania, so keep us posted about what you're up to.
It sounds like a poignant trip in many ways, but your sister was there to keep your spirits up, not to mention your wine consumption! She sounds like she has a great job, and what a beauty of a frock you found in the vintage bazaar. Endings - of eras, generations - are sad, of course, but inevitable, and as hard as it is to let go of people and places and old times, there are always new ones to love too.
And just when you needed a little pick-me-up, there was your old pal running a wine bar (very handy!) and Angela with a fabulous mirror so you don't have to use your iPad. See? It all fits together in the end!
PS. Cool tiles! xxxx

Miss Magpie said...

God I only wish I could look that good after a night before, I'm glad you were able to get some fun out of the visit.

That mirror is quite something. x

Sue said...

So you have two sister like me!! I am the youngest, I think you might be the middle child? Glad you got to see your relative before he passed away, special time that is. Wine headaches, one reason I don't do wine, yuk!!!