Sunday 17 October 2010


Last night it was Girl's Night Out. A twenty year institution with me and the girls from college. Normally nine of us, but last night only six.

They brought me flowers.

There are rules; arrive at 4pm Saturday, eat cake, drink tea and chat. At around 6pm switch to beer or cava. 7.30pm rush round getting ready. 8pm go out.
Come back, eat salty snacks and chat until the early hours.
Next morning, beans on toast in pyjamas, chat until midday, go home.

Last night we went cheap and cheerful at the local pub. We played Rock and Roll Bingo!

There is serious glamour involved.

And some clever girls. Here's a handprinted card from Lois.

And some work by successful designer Stephanie Thannhauser in Progressive Greetings. See her website here.

A really lovely time...

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