Friday 8 June 2012

Furniture heaven

For me it's all about nesting at the moment. We spent the bank holiday weekend shifting soil. Tons of soil. Again.

We took a sloping garden and are slowly turning it into a tiered garden. We also cut into the garden with an extension and a patio, which is how we are generating all this soil.

So yesterday, courtesy of the weather, I took a welcome break from landscaping the garden to go in search of a small piece of furniture to house my towels and household linen.

Here is where I went. Wonderful place, and the ideology behind it makes you really want to support it.
I didn't find what I was after because the space on the landing is quite small and none of the narrower pieces of furniture were quite right. I love these carved pieces and the bamboo effect drawers.

If this bench had been for sale, I would have had it. It reminds me of Cyrus Todiwala's restaurant.

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