Monday 8 October 2012

Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough

Cemeteries have a certain fascination for me. I love to read the grave stones, to savour people's names and think about their stories. In this one:

George Salton, killed in action in Mesopotamia aged 31, buried in the English cemetery in Baghdad.

George Caft aged 60 who accidently drowned in the River Tees.

Gustav E Jaeger who died March 30th 1914 aged 60. (How did he end up in the NE of England?)

Moses Carpenter, a native American Indian from the Mohawk tribe who came to England as part of a travelling medical show selling cures. By the time of his death twelve to fifteen thousand people lined the route of his funeral procession.

People from different countries, who lived and died in different circumstances and at different ages. All of them treasured by someone, and all of them resting in a beautiful woodland setting which has become a local nature reserve. 

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