Tuesday 19 March 2013

Cyprus, part 1. Roving reporter, reporting in.

I do a lot of travelling. Mainly in my armchair, often to Blogland. But, for one week only, I did the real thing. To where it's all happening right now! Cyprus. We heard the news first hand from a man in a cafe. 
I'm just waiting for the Beeb to call me and commission a report. I'm sure it will come soon.

At the airport. This honeycomb cannelloni done three ways was delicious: aubergine and tomato, spinach and ricotta, butternut squash. It sustained me for hours, through snow-based delays and thousands of miles.
I rather liked the decor. Reclaimed floorboards on the walls with massive chandeliers gave this restaurant a modern chalet feel. 
Day one involved a ritual recce. So what did we discover? A coastal walk lined with rocks and trees.
Bushes of my favourite childhood flower, hibiscus. Sea water that was just a bit too cold to swim in.

A kitsch bar based on one of my favourite childhood programmes. Do you remember John, Buck, Manolito and the fiery but beautiful Victoria? I loved her look. All piled-high dark hair and eyes, tight bodices and full skirts.
TV, another rich source of travel dreams. 
Now I need to come by and visit your worlds.


Helga said...

Oooooo, Cyprus!
There's a cooking show called My Greek Cyprus which has the MOST gorgeous woman on it.I'm quite fascinated by the Turckish vs Greek history of the island. It looks soooo beautiful there.
I really want to eat that top right pic!!!

Vix said...

Welcome back, we've missed you! You didn't get your bank card confiscated, did you?
Cyprus looks fantastic especially now I know there's a High Chapparral bar. The airport looks extremely swanky and the cannelloni is making my mouth water! xxxx

mispapelicos said...

I missed you, my wonderful friend.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my goodness what a wonderful adventure this must have been!

Curtise said...

I was wondering where you were! I bet you had a lovely time, the food certainly looks delicious, and I love being by the sea, even if it's cold. And it least it was warm enough to wear flip flops, hurray!
Haven't thought about the High Chaparral in ages, thanks for the reminder! xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

My mum's 1969 diary is full of High Chapparal episode synopses. It's lovely to have you back, share more of Cypress please, it's a world away from grey England! xxx

Unknown said...

How gorgeous!!! Come visit my world - you'll love it!

Sarah xxx

Kylie said...

I wondered where you were...A holiday, how lovely, and the best possible excuse not to blog (not that you need an excuse of course!)
Your top pic has made me very hungry, I'm 'eating' nothing but green juice at the mo! I heard on the news today that the British governement has just jetted millions of pounds into Cyprus to pay their troops that are stationed there - normally they get their pay through a.t.ms. and of course these aren't operating!
Is that a little dog house, or is it a mail box?

Frocktasia said...

Honeycomb cannelloni...I think it must be time for lunch cause reading your mouthwatering description of this dish has got me salivate like one of Pavlov's four legged friends.
I do so enjoy travelling even if it is just through pictures on my screen, it's fab to be able to be a virtual globetrotter.
I've never been to Cyprus but it looks like a wonderful place you lucky gal :)

me said...

So happy you had a chance to get away and so happy that you shared all of the beautiful photos. I'm seriously antsy wanting to travel now. :)