Monday 21 October 2013

Andalucia part 1

We've been to sunny Spain. Viva Espana!

Andalucia is a magical, enchanting place. It has arid landscapes which produce succulent fruits and almost inhospitable temperatures which produce gracious, welcoming people.

Oranges, peaches, olives, limes, lemons, pomegranates, almonds, prickly pears. Everywhere you look there is bounty. Today is mainly about our little villa. It's a 200 year old one storey dwelling, built to withstand the heat. Thick walls, small windows, tiled floors. Just perfect.

It has no real address, just the name of the house and the village, Periana, which is famous for olive oil production. The second picture down is the 'road' to the villa. It's just a track by the side of olive groves.

Goat's bells and prickly pears
A shy donkey in an olive grove just below our house. The sound of braying floated up to us by the pool.
Alhama de Granada. Perfection.
Frigiliana. The guide books say it is one of the prettiest white villages in the area. It was too perfect for me. Like a stage set for tourists. Reminded me of that soap opera from the 1990s, El Dorado. I prefer a place to be lived in, real. It was the only place we encountered a surly waiter. I wonder if that is a necessary ingredient of famously beautiful places? It was the same in Dubrovnik. 

We went to Periana, Viluena, Frigiliana, Granada, Alhama de Granada and Nerja, but mainly we hung out at our villa. Do you fancy a tour?


Curtise said...

Ohohohohohoh! How lovely! Your guided tour was just delightful, and what a gorgeous place to stay, with stunning views and that fabulous pool. I must say though, Tania, your pool boy wasn't doing much work, was he? Standing around looking manly is all very well, but aren't they supposed to sweep and scoop and bring you cold drinks and attend to your every pool-related need? I'd dock his wages, if I were you...
Welcome home, I missed you, but hearing your lovely voice (which always has the suspicion of a giggle in it) has made up for your absence! xxxx

Vix said...

Get you! Judith Chalmers wants to watch her back, you're way better looking and I love the way you nonchalantly chuck a few Spanish phrases into the mix!
I reckon you should sell your video to James Villas, they'd book up a year in advance. That villa is amazing, the grounds are huge and to get a hunky pool boy included, too!
Can't wait for part two! xxxxxx

me said...

Loved this so much!!!! You are a brilliant tour guide! I want to be there picking olives and napping in the hammock! Looking forward to more!

Hannapat said...

Hey gorgeous lady what a fab tour!! Loved it!! I reckon there's a job out there for you doing this! The place looks amazing and it was so lovely to have a bossy around. Can't wait for the next installment. Hope you enjoyed your daily dips and lying in they hammock. Oh my!! Xoxo

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Thank you for the beautiful tour. I love all those pictures. Andalucia is now officially added to my bucket list :)

Fiona said...

I can almost feel that heat. Thank you for the guided tour, what a fab villa. Looking forward to Part Two but hope you get Pool Boy working....reckon he should be supplying Sangria's and fanning you languidly. x

bohemian vanity said...

Viva Espana! Oh wow that looks so lovely! Guess you had a fab and hopefully relaxing time! The villa is so pretty and i want to jump into the pool right now :) xx Tani

Vintage Jane said...

Oooh, it looks wonderful. We went to frigiliana several years ago and I agree .... a bit too perfect! Mx

Ivy Black said...

How fab! It looks so beautiful. I could just get on a li-lo in that pool right now. Bring on part 2.xxxx

Helga said...

I'm nearly speechless with how gorgeous you are and how FREAKING heavenly your little holiday abode is!!!! O, feck, what I would give to have been quaffing ome vino with you on that platforma nd then falling drunkenly into that pool!!!!
The GLORY!!!!
Think you'll go back again?!
LOVED that video, love the pix, can't wait for the next installment!!!

Krista said...

I want to squeeze you so dang tight right about now! The villa is enchanting but you my dear are memorizing! Your accent and when you speak Spanish I think I have never heard anything sweeter and you have just put the biggest smile on my face! That place looks incredible and what a way to really unwind and relax! I love your rule about going in the pool once a day and that hammock dang I'd be reading away on that for hours.
DRINKS ALL ROUND! Can't wait for round two!

Kylie said...

I smiled the whole way through your tour Tania. Not only do you look like the cutest thing on two legs - you've got a voice to match!

"the sound of braying floated up to us by the pool" says it all really...


Unknown said...

You lucky duck it looks gorgeous just like you, dee xx

Serena said...

Oh wow!!!! Still grinning. So excited to see you, and not just that, we get to HEAR you this time too in all your video-glory!!!!!!!!
You look fab on camera....we clearly need more please.
I loved the tour and it looks like, from the other comments made, 'pool-boy' will have to start a fan page, tee hee.
Can't wait for part two. What a lovely break from looking out on to not-so-sunny Nottingham this-morning.

mispapelicos said...

La casita is fabulous, and the pool even better.
I know Frigiliana ( nice wine too)and Nerja. I live not far from Granada and soon closer to the coast, fingers crossed, so next time you come to Spain do let me, I would love to meet you.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Flipping heck, they're grounds and a half. Absolutely gorgeous. Xx

joyatri said...

What an enchanting villa! It looks so peaceful and welcoming.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little donkey. YOUR olive groves look amazing. Did you bring back any olive oil?
You open up a lovely window into that world xx

Rachel Webb said...

Lovely, lovely. And lovely bits of my Andalucia too.