Monday 28 October 2013

Andalucia part 3

Thank you for bearing with me. This is the final installment of our Spanish adventure. 
A wonderfully authentic bar. Hams over the counter and horse pictures on the walls, along with an enormous boar and a stuffed deer. Sugar sachets on the floor where they were discarded after the men came in for their coffee. Everybody said hello to everyone else.

We had a cheese and tomato crostini and a coffee apiece. In total it came to 5 euros, which is £4.00. I said 'cinco?' in surprise. She nodded and I said 'solo?!' She nodded again and smiled. As we left we heard all the locals retelling the story and copying the intonation and pitch of my 'solo?!'
On the way back, there was a little old lady sat on that chair chopping beans to the sound of flamenco on the radio, while her cat lazed in the shade. Like everyone, she offered a greeting. 

I tried my best Spanglish out on everyone I could. When it comes to foreign languages, I know no shame and make a little go a long way. I had a lovely chat with an elderly couple in Granada. When I said 'Buenos dias' to them they turned to me and smiled as though I was the person in the world they most wanted to see right then. Such kindness transcends language. The man in the supermarket was really chatty when I said 'hola!' with a grin. Wanted to know all about us. I forgot the word for England, but we got there in the end.
This little doggy was out for an evening stroll with a group of local people. It was running after us and jumping up to say hello. We were laughing and talking to it. The people pointed at the dog and said 'verrrrrrrrry sweeeet'.
Did I enjoy myself? Yes, I never wanted to leave.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I LOVE that fourth pic...I want to live there!! You look happy :)

Connie said...

You do look happy and quite lovely. A little old lady chopping beans to flamenco music. Perfect.

Curtise said...

Well, of course everyone wanted to speak to you and smile at you, Tan - have you SEEN you?! You're adorable, and I'm sure your Spanglish is wonderful!
Your photos are enchanting, and you have sold Andalucia to me completely. The bar, the amused locals ("Solo?"), the lady with her beans and her cat, the very sweet dog, the delightful couple. And the beautiful views. Oh oh oh. I want to go.
And you look gorgeous. And happy. And relaxed. Lovely.
Seeing you sooooon! xxxxxx

Vix said...

It sounds (and looks) idyllic, even with the local litter louts taking the pee out of you! You're dead right though, making an effort to speak a bit of the language is always appreciated and often changes most people's views of the Brits being a nation of ignorant dimwits.
You look gorgeous in that bottom photo and that little fluffy dog is too cute! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Can you go back soon? Such beautiful photos. İ am sure your efforts to speak the lingo were very endearing xx

Kylie said...

Well now that I've heard you say Hola! I totally get why everyone smiled at you Tanya - how could they not?! I mean Hola, you're adorable!
I would love a little balcony like the one in your photo, crammed full of geraniums. Lovely.

Helga said...

I could never, ever get bored of all this Spanish beauty, and you looking totally sublimely happy in that last pic!
It's all too heavenly.....I love that you know no shame when it comes to languages! I like to try, but get a little shy, but a smile certainly gets you a long way!!!! A little effort is very much appreciated.
SO gloriarse, do you think you'll go back there again?!

Krista said...

and I bet Spain loved having your pretty smile and happy character! The hams my goodness I find that fascinating and I would have second guessed the price myself what a deal. I think the people make the place and it sounds like you felt good vibes from all. I bet you feel lighter after your trip.

Love the picture of you!

Fiona said...

One can tell by the way you write that you fell in love with this place. It all looks and sounds wonderful and I also usually try to speak the local lingo even if it is a few words, it goes a long way.
You look very happy and relaxed in the last pic, any plans to return?

mispapelicos said...

Next time you come and stay with me for good, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Looking glorious.
I am so glad you liked my homeland

Vanessa said...

Enjoying the trip through the photos! Beautiful!

me said...

Between your brilliant pictures and the way you describe it - I want to move there!!! Beautiful!!!

me said...

PS- you don't age, do you?! You're glowing- very pretty! :)